Charma (invited)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Located in the eclectic Smith St, Charma offers a different kind of vibe from the rest of the restaurants. Located just few door steps from its sister cafe, Bowl Bowl, Charma offers a similar Asian style foods in different restaurant settings.

The interior looked quite fancy but Charma presents their foods in a bit casual way and the foods’ prices are affordable. They trying to introduce Asia's finest from the foods, the decoration and even to the songs that you listen. You won't miss this restaurant if you see the huge sofa setting by the window near the entrance, complete with colorful plates and gold cutleries. They provide a backyard open area - perfect for small gatherings or events. Beautifully decorated with the plants, fairy lights and a slight touch of Vietnamese hats. They have this cosy look and they also provide small fire pit and blankies to keep us warm in the cold/windy days.

After we had started with fresh tea, we travelled around the Asia for the drinks: Korean Soju, Chinese Goji Berry, Korean Berry Wine, Japanese Koshu. All are very unique in taste and nice idea to get to try various liquors in a go.

Tibetan Style Lamb - grilled delicious Asian sauce and sprinkled with generous spring onions. The lamb was mildly spicy. The meat was tender and absorb the sauce really well. Truly enjoyable dish.

Sichuan beef soup - generous beef soup portion with selection of unique vegetables. The beef was so smooth and succulent rich in the mild Sichuan soup. Totally my favorite dish of the nite. The soup was a bit thick but the taste was not overpowering. Just right spiciness especially for non spicy eater like me.

Cold sizchuan noodle with fresh tomato and shaved cucumbers and carrots presented in a cold marble bowl. Fresh taste with mild chili sauce without reducing the authentic fragrant of Sichuan dish. Truly enjoyable dish.

Fried Quail Legs with rosemary - fried beautifully golden brown with mild seasoning. The meat was still tender on the inside and have crispy skin. The quail slightly under seasoned for my taste but it was still enjoyable :)

Do it yourself peking duck - Beautifully roasted ducks rolled in rolling pancakes complete with the Hosin sauce, cucumbers and strips of spring onions. The ducks just beautiful and not dry at all. All the sauce and the ducks just taste great. They also provide kimchi and chili flakes which you can add to the roll - but I still enjoy classic one more.

I truly enjoyed the foods vibes and the drinks here. Such pleasant dishes with great concepts in Smith St - totally something new around the block. Would totally come here again for small gatherings or a simple dinner. Oh! They also will open the karaoke space upstair as well.

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+6139078 3700
96 Smith St
Collingwood VIC 3066