Calia (Revisited-Invited)

Sunday, January 14, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have been to Calia several times and there's no secret that I love my first experience but my second is kinda disappointing. So when Jason Chang, the owner of Calia invited me in to have a taste of their food, I decided to went in with my husband. Since he also went with me to all my visits to Calia before.

We started with some refreshing drinks. Iced Matcha, Iced Hojicha, Sweet Potato Latte, Matcha Beer. Their iced matcha and hojicha were pretty good, cold with strong flavours but the sweet potato latte was a bit too sweet for me. Matcha beer comes a lil bit of surprise for me as this is my first time tasting it but I like it. Black beer with a hint of matcha, unique indeed.

Scalloped Sakuru - freshly caught scallops dressed in a delightful wasabi ponzu sauce ($14.5) and Sashimi Platter ($25). Their scallop dish has been there since the very first and remain popular cause it's freshness. The dressings was light, perfect for any season of the year but especially summer. Sashimi platter is a new dish and I have been waiting for it, nicely fit to their current menu.

Petite Ox Tongue Yakitori ($12) is another new menu actually it's part of the special menu. I did not think that the ox tongue will be cut into big cubes. I was so used to eating thin cut ox tongue that I forgot that they are pretty enjoyable to be eaten other way as long as they are pretty tender.

Ochazuke Samon - grilled sustainably caught Tasmanian salmon with a dashi tea broth ($16.9), The Toro Bowl - tuna belly glazed with suki sauce and tuna belly tartare ($39.8). I have been wanting to try the ochazuke samon but each time I went to Calia, I have been swayed to order something else. This time, I made up my mind. Turn's out ochazuke samon is pretty aromatic cause of the very light dashy tea broth, reminded me of samon porridge I made for my baby. Soft and hearty. There is no secret that Calia tuna belly is good, melt in your mouth moment topped with juicy tuna belly tartare.

Calia Wagyu Bowl ($38.8), Crispy Roast Pork ($16.9) and Unagi Bowl ($19.5). I have tried their other beef dish and I have to say that is pretty good but I think Calia wagyu bowl is better. The beef melts in your mouth and comes in a generous portion as well. My father in law loves pork so I have to order the pork him and it does not disappoint. The pork skin was super crispy with a tender meat, last but not least the super tender and very well seasoned unagi. Aromatic and flavourful.

We can not left out dessert even though both of my in law does not really like sweet things. Matcha Lava Lava ($14.8), Hojicha Cheese Cake ($7.5) and Matcha Mia Tiramisu ($9.95). Their matcha lava cake improved from my last visits, now they have lots of melting matcha inside which I love. Then hojicha cheesecake came in with a strong, thick and dense texture, I have to say best to be shared. My fave is their tiramisu, perfectly balanced and creamy. Could eat this everyday.

Their service is fast, professional and a bit hectic like usual. Sadly, I still find their table is a bit too small and cramp in. Another down side is my king crab never came. Besides all that, I'm pretty happy with visit to Calia, my in laws seems very happy too so all good.

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287 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Wednesday & Saturday-Sunday: 10am-7.30pm
Thursday-Friday: 10am-9.30pm