The Essential Ingredient (Sponsored)

Sunday, December 17, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have to be honest, before this I have never heard of The Essential Ingredient. But apparently, it's one of Melbourne’s finest purveyor of gourmet foods, cookbooks and cookware from Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, India and Indonesia. It intrigue me straight away because as all of you have known, I love cooking and I cook daily for my family.

The first Essential store opened up in Prahran in 1990 which is a long time a go. Fun fact, I was born in 1990. Last year, in the year of 2016, they decided to opened the second store in South Melbourne. This year, is their one-year anniversary of The Essential Ingredient South Melbourne.

They give me a complimentary spring gift pack, featuring The Essential Ingredient-branded products that can be bought individually in store or as part of a Christmas gift box. I got a series of vinegar which I love; Champagne and Raspberry. Nicely flavoured for salad, added a unique flavour to any fresh dish. Dukkah also perfect for salad or adding crunchy element to any dish. Mustard for your meat on Christmas is a must. Hazelnut oil and Pomegranate Molasses could be transformed to a unique Christmas dessert.

Since Christmas is one week away, The Essential Ingredient is the perfect one stop shop to prepare all of your spices needed for Christmas dinner or even New Year Celebration or simply the perfect gift for your foodie friend or family. They have a range of spices, hampers, cookbooks and also gift card.

The Essential Ingredient