Taste of Melbourne 2017 (Invited)

Sunday, December 10, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I was invited by Taste of Melbourne to the opening day on Thursday 31 November. I was invited to the guest list and received a complimentary entry to the guest only 10th birthday bash as Taste of Melbourne celebrating their 10th birthday with style. We were treated by some local produce of cheese, chocolate and wine selection from the Taste’s participants. It was nice and cosy environment overall.

This year event presents a huge selection of restaurants with big names such as Movida, Mamasita, and Press Club all participating and some up and coming restaurants like Atlas and Glace. As always, amazing selection of cheese and wine from local produce are not to be missed.

After roaming around with curiosity and visiting most of the stalls, I started with Mamasita and ordered the Taco de Carnitas, which is braised and fried pork shoulder, onion and coriander. The taco was soft, the pork was tender and juicy, and the sauce is tasty, adding some hot jalapenos sauce and it was the perfect combination of beautiful taco.

“The Battle Restaurant” interests me the next. With its huge stall and huge ads of Sydney vs Melbourne I definitely didn’t want to miss that! I went for Atlas by Charlie Carrington, one of my favourite chef who has been raising in fame in the past year. The dish was octopus, avocado and orange toastada. I quite enjoyed this dish. The octopus was tender and perfectly cooked with beautiful sweet and sour sauce. The avocado complemented the strong octopus taste and the toastada help with the substance.

Afterward, I noticed something interesting in some restaurants menu and how they have a “Co-lab” menu. I decided to go to Pickett’s deli and Rotisserie and ordered their co-lab dish, the Colab Crab, and I never regretted my decision. The bun was tender and nice. The sauce was tasty. But most of all, the crunchy golden brown deep friend soft shell crab was the star of the sauce, it was so tasty and crispy. Best dish of the day for me.

Overall, the event was really enjoyable, the weather was nice, it was not too crowded and I had the time to enjoy the event.