Sugar and Fries (Invited)

Saturday, December 02, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sugar and Fries is a new hipster cafe, they just landed in….. I love every detail of the design. It’s simple, cute and welcoming, with a touch of green in every corner. However, the atmosphere is just too quiet, too formal. There is no music and we can hear other people’s conversation clearly. Other than that, the service was friendly and the foods were served quite fast.

The strawberry milkshake is surprisingly very good. It is a perfect drink for summer as it is so refreshing and to make your day sweeter, they also add rainbow sprinkler on the side of the mug, which I thought very clever and cute.

Nutty Banana. I thought this smoothie will be amusing because of the description. However, it is a bit disappointing. It is pretty heavy and does not really refresh your taste bud. I would like it to be lighter and not so fulfilling.

Chipotle Pork Tacos. Overall, the tacos are great. However, it needs a refreshing ingredients like cucumber to make the dish even better. The meat is so tender on the other side which I highly appreciated.

Egg benedict. The special thing about this benedict is the hollandaise sauce. It has the spize zest in it from the sriracha sauce from Thailand. Makes it a lil bit unique compared to just a classic egg benedict.

Sugar and Fries. This is a very clever invention of having sweet and savoury at the same time. The fries was sprinkled with sugar and served together with slightly toasted marshmallow. I eat the fries together with the marshmallow and it tasted amazing in the mouth. The taste is a bit addicting. However, I suggest to share this dish. The portion is pretty big and it becomes very sweet if you have too much.

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Sugar and Fries
17 Southfork Dr
Kilsyth South VIC 3137