Malvern East Food and Wine Festival (Invited)

Sunday, December 03, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Malvern East's food and wine festival is located in Central Park. White tents scattered about the green lawn with several tables provided under the sky. The atmosphere was light with the fantastic singer sultrily singing in the background, and people very eager to drink. There were a lot of dogs trailing around by their owners which was absolutely adorable!

We got a Mango Nectar from the Mango Licks stall for $7 which was a little pricey for the amount they gave. The drink was a little too sweet but we were so thirsty, we couldn't really think straight. I then shared the Boss Man Food trucks's The Full Load that came with charred chicken, pork belly and rice. It was good in the way that it was intensely smokey - but it was definitely too salty for both of us. I then got a fish taco from the lone taco truck which was not too bad. Again, pricey compared to food court prices, but the flavours were still decent.

Now on to the drinks tasting. I first tried Burnt Acre's white wine which was dry and sweet. Their rose was also very crisp. Farmer Scientist's 2017 Sauvignon Blanc was my absolute favourite out of our tastings. It was sweet and fruity with just a little kick of alcohol which was perfect under the hot weather. The chilled Coldstream Pear Cider that I got next too was great with its gentle sweetness.

Although we only had sampler sizes, I couldn't try any more alcohol at this point as we were both tipsy because a) it was hot and b) we were dehydrated. So before we went back, we decided to buy Raclette on Potatoes from Harper and Blohm's cart. Absolutely delicious and satisfying after al our drinks. I fell under a wine-induced nap  under the cool AC of the tram all the way back to the city. It was a good day indeed.

Malvern East Food and Wine Festival
 Sunday 19 November 2017, 10:30am – 5:30pm
Central Park, Corner of Wattle Tree and Burke Roads, East Malvern