Bowl Bowl Dumpling (Invited)

Sunday, December 17, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The restaurant serves alcohol and it has numbers of range from cocktail, cider, rose, red, white and sparkling wine and beer. It has a great location as it is on the main street and it has a noticeable signage. It has a Sichuan design on the restaurant however it is a little bit dark inside.

The plates are very appealing and unique, this really grabs my attention. The plates have different pictures on each of the tables. It's a nice way to differentiate the restaurant than any other restaurant in town.

We started with Chicken Nirvana and Kung Fu Tofu. The chicken served cold and spicy, a great combination. It also has a crunchy peanut element and it make them great to start the meal. What I like about tofu is they are very very soft and the chilli element added a crispy element to the dish making it a great crispy and soft combination. Recommended.

Then we move on to Cumin beef and Pork Belly. Sadly, compared to the two dishes before this, the beef feel average. It was ok and has a nice texture. The pork belly was very lean, a very small fat involved but very well marinated and crispy.

More mains coming up; Tofu with Black Fungus and Bean Curd & Signature Boiled Dumpling. The tofu is surely my favourite, the sauce is home made and so delicious. The tofu soaked in the sauce making it juicy. Very much recommended. The dumpling is great for sharing, it has a nice combination between sour and hot. It also has a generous filling.They do have the fried dumplings however zi was told that the fried dumplings don’t come with the sauce. So make sure you try this if you are a fan of Sichuan sauces. I'm very happy that I tried this.

Okay, I'm not done yet. More dishes coming; Red Hot Coe and Yu Xiang Eggplant. Unique because it seems like a normal gyoza but when you eat it its not the usual gyoza. It is beef wrapped in gyoza skin dumpling. The Beef is very tender. Contrary, the eggplant not very good. It doesn’t meet my expectation, I imagined it would be Sichuan eggplant. Perhaps the sweet and sour sauce doesn’t seem to be a great combination of mixed with eggplant. It was ok.

Last but not least, dessert; Mango Sago and Sweet Dumpling with Black Beans and Glutinous Rice.. Mango Sago has a very appealing presentation with generous portions. Prefer if it’s cooler or perhaps frozen or ice cubes in it, it would be much better , esp during summer. As the dumplings, I prefer to eat it without the glutinous rice as the glutinous rice is sour. The black beans is warm ,sweet , there's black sesame inside it, which is very nice. A bit too sweet but still I like it.

Another interesting things I found out is is the wording on the menu makes the food interesting very creative. I app.eciate small details that make the restaurant different,

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Bowl Bowl Dumpling
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