Bosozoku (Invited)

Saturday, December 30, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Bosozoku is a new restaurant-bar that has just been opened for around 6 months. It is located on 34A Bray Street, South Yarra VIC 3141. It’s not on South Yarra’s main street, but it’s still easily reachable by trams and trains. I was intentionally going with a friend as my plus one, but two my other friends were tagging along since they also wanted to try a taste of dishes in Bosozoku.

We arrived at noon and nicely welcomed by the staffs working at the moment. Dylan, one of the staffs explained the menu to us and gave us some recommendation. We ordered at the counter, and the food would be brought to our table.

This place is a perfect combination of Japanese and Western cultures. The opening of the restaurant-bar was inspired by Japanese bikers. It has big sections of seating area, with lots of traditional Japanese decorations which enhance the atmosphere of being really in Japan. Their bar is located at the middle of the There were game room, pool table, small sauna tub, game console seats, and many more fantastic stuffs around. There were many neon lights hung on the walls just like streets in Tokyo. I love the concept of this restaurant, it’s very unique and authentic.

We tried the boso burgers in bento boxes which also came with edamame, fries and salad. We had the road rage, die by the sword, big black, and katsu pork. We also had 2 complimentary cocktails from them, sakura aviation and princess peach (might be in a different name, something with princess). There’s a free option to change the burger bun for black sticky rice if you want a fuller choice.

The dishes were nicely cooked. I really like the sides in the bento box (fries, edamame, and salad). The burgers were tasty as well, it was not too much yet not too little. Even though they came in the bento box, they were still wrapped in paper so we could easily take a bite. There might be other places with tastier burgers, but their burgers are so unique that definitely worth to try. They also prepared chopsticks, spoons and forks on each table, so we could just take the cutlery that we want use.

The cocktails that we ordered were also sweet and not too strong. A perfect companion to our lunch. I think the ambience might have gone better if the heat from the weather was not too strong, since Bosozoku is an open place. However, we had an overall great dining experience.

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34A Bray St
South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

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