Wind Chimes (Revisited-Invited)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Wind Chimes is located amidst a lot of residential houses. The atmosphere is that of your friendly neighbourhood cafe. The owner was super friendly in guiding us through the menu and gave us some recommendations on what to get! 

She has come up with the interior design and menus of the cafe and you can really tell that she's passionate about the cafe! She has travelled to Indonesia for a couple of times which explained why we thought the cafe was so Jakarta-like in design! The decor looks exactly like a cafe in Pacific Place mall in Jakarta. Well, guess what, the owner, though not Indonesian, have visited Indonesia 10 times and her favourite mall is PP.

First up, we tried a 'platter' of lattes that came in large shot sizes. In this platter was the charcoal latte, the matcha latte, the golden latte and the rose latte. Such pretty colours! Although they were a little watery, I loved the charcoal latte and the turmeric latte the best. The sprinkle of oreo on the charcoal latte made it all the more special! I don't usually like turmeric lattes but the added coconut butter and milk in this one made it so good. 

The food menu was quite interesting because you've got unexpected additions like japchae and butter chicken amidst all your brekkie staples. We settled for the Butter Chicken Curry and although the rice was slightly dry, I enjoyed the flavours of the curry. Sometimes the chicken in curries can be too dry but the one at Wind Chimes was rightly tender whilst still absorbing the flavours of the curry.

I also tried a few bites of the Beef and Chorizo burger that came with a side of chips. The patty really was flavoursome with the added chorizo inside! The chips were also nicely crunchy and the smokey aioli sauce was just to die for. Seriously. I smeared it all over the bits of the burger patty because it was just that good!

We had lovely chats with the owner and it's exciting to hear that they'll release their own tea blends in the cafe soon! I left the cozy ambience of the cafe content and smiling. I would definitely be a regular here if I lived nearby!

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Wind Chimes Cafe
250 Blackburn Rd
Doncaster East, VIC 3109
Monday-Sunday: 8am-4pm