Storyville (Invited)

Saturday, November 18, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

StoryVille is a magical place. They built the atmosphere just right. The faΓ§ade of the building was painted like a story book, if that’s not enough, they put dazzlingly dressed lady blowing smoke filled bubble. They set the expectation very high from the beginning, let’s see if it will pay off. They made the best out of the tight space in the foyer and the stairs, it is in the heart Melbourne CBD after all, real estate doesn’t come easy. The vine grows on the wall and became the stair’s railing. If anything, the shrunkeness of space only adds to the mystery of it all.

They really step up their game for their interior dΓ©cor. From the glowing, boldly colored mushrooms on the first floor, to the crawling branches and giant book spine on the second floor, you know you have fell into the rabbit hole, walk through the wardrobe and flown away by tornado to a distant place. Meticulous attention to details, wonderfully dressed staff became sufficient substitute for suspension of disbelieve. The only hint of reality for me was the crowdedness and the modern music. In my opinion, the place is best enjoyed with more relaxed atmosphere and during quieter times.

But it all boils down into the menu book. They really nailed their theme with the cocktail selection. From the 1869 Russian Classic War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, to 2007 Harry Potter’s Polyjuice by J.K. Rowling, their cocktails will take you as far as you dare to dream.

My favorite cocktail was the War and Peace. Nothing says “I’m Russian and I got class” like a smoked infused vodka. This is, by far, the best summary of the 1225 pages epic: Stolichnaya Vodka (read: Russia) was invaded by Dry Vermouth (read: French) resulting in Lapsang Suchong smoke aroma (read: tragedy to humanity). The long lasting smoky aftertaste perfectly reflect the lasting impact of what Tolstoy said about war and humanity.

I haven’t read animal farm, so I cannot draw any parallel, but taste wise, but Neighbour was alright, the flavors blend into nothing distinctive. Polyjuice, however, was more interesting. It tasted sweet, covering the kick of the gin, definitely herbal without making you feel like you just jumped on the newest and weirdest fad diet. My first reaction was, this is different from the book. But maybe, just maybe, a Polyjuice of Parvati Patil would taste exactly just like this. I’m glad that they skipped the hair part. This might be the only time I’m glad that a book was not followed to the letter.

The finger food was not the highlight, but they were absolutely a relish. I’m not sure if they fit the StoryVille theme, but the taste made for it. The cheesy sandwich makes you want to grab for more, while the blue cheese on cracker tasted nearly as good as places that actually specialize on cheese. So, kudos there.

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