Souk (Revisited-Invited)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I came to Souk with a high expectation. This is my second invite while the first invite really set the bar really high. We started with the cocktail Princess Jasmine that flowed non stop. Sweet and smooth. I also got myself red wine.

Very nice salad for starter. It has everything that is good about souk, authenticity yet fitting to the palate, bold spices yet balanced. Yet it, and the rest of course, lacked the creativity from 7 months ago. It just feels tamer now.

The KFC was the exact same KFC from last time. That’s amazing considering it was a different chef. It is said that god lives in the details, so nailing the consistency is well appreciated. More importantly, although I didn’t try any of it, the kitchen produced nearly all variant of the dishes to cater all imaginable requirement, vegan, gluten free, fructose free, nut free etc. And they all looked stunning.

If there’s one thing that is amiss, that would be the beef croquettes, particularly, the skin. It was just too thick for my liking.

Salad. They still preserve their impeccable pacing and course plan. Salad was exactly what we were craving for after two consecutive meaty course.

Your mileage might vary with the lamb meatball. I liked it save that it was on the lean side of my taste. 

The seafood soup would be my favourite dish, sour from the tomato, yet creamy somehow, bringing out the best out of the seafood. Nevertheless, it remained pale in comparison with the octopus from seven month ago. I’m not saying that the soup is lacking in anything. I’m just saying that I was pampered.

I’m Asian, which means that I eat rice ever since, a many different kind and flavor of rice. But the rice of the roast lamb just became my favourite rice dish. I hope that says something.

The ganache was a true mystery. It tasted exactly like a sweet turkish coffee, except it was a ganache. But at the same time, it is also somewhat like a sophisticated nutella. But if that’s not enigmatic enough, here comes the sweet cotton floss. Tasting everything separately, I think to myself “these are all sweet stuff, if I combine them, it will be too sweet.” However, when I mixed the floss in, the whole thing became less sweet! Rather, the taste became complex, what a relish.

They also have some other several dishes that's spectacular. Basically, Souk impressed us again and the venue is crowded and as hype as ever. Highly recommended.

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13 Bligh Pl
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday- Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 5pm-10pm