Shunjiko (Invited)

Saturday, November 04, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Still in the winter mood I got invitation to the new branch of Shujinko ramen located at Elizabeth Street that has been opened for approximately 2 months. Took a note this ramen shop is available if you need late night food because it is open till 1am on Friday and Saturday.

When we entered the restaurant, we could feel the Japanese atmosphere is really strong even though the space is not huge. Not suitable for families, big groups or prams. It's better for an intimate dining experience.

We ordered Eikun you's time light yuzu sake and Kirin fuji apple and pear cider. Surprisingly the yuzu sake is lighter than I imagined. It is fruity, sweet, fresh and has a bit taste of sourness. It is originally come from Kyoto, Japan. The 0.5% alcohol make it so easy and pleasant to drink. The apple and pear cider is just alright, we could taste the fruitiness but not that much, a little bit dry and went okay to drink. We didn't expect much either since it is an apple cider.

Move on to the food, we ordered Chasu Yaki as our side which is grilled pork belly. This is the best! The pork belly is smoky, juicy and melting in your mouth. It came in a big portion too with the sauce that has a fresh taste, fresh spring onion on top and yellow wasabi on the side.

Another side that we ordered was Takoyaki (8pcs) because it is authentic Japanese street food. Takoyaki is basically octopus ball with tuna flake on top. The takoyaki is soft, slightly crunchy for its cover, the sauce and mayonnaise are perfect for the takoyaki.

Come for ramen time, we ordered Karakuchi ramen. It got tonkotsu soup base which is pork broth, grilled pork belly, fresh vegetables , and half boiling egg. The soup is not too thick- light to eat and really tasty. The ramen is chewy yet soft.

My partner ordered the Black ramen. Don't worry, it's just the name. It is also has a tonkotsu base but it contained a shellfish and fish mixture (black powder) - this is probably why they called it black ramen even though it is not black at all. This black ramen is sweeter than the Karakuchi ramen. If you are more into a sweet in term of taste, the dish will suit your palate.

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