Shinbashi Yakiniku (Invited)

Friday, November 03, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Having lived in Carlton for agesss, it's still weird for me to see Asian restaurants in Lygon St! The place was packed and it's great to see a Yakiniku place open up. Fun fact - yakiniku means 'yaki - grill' and 'niku - beef/meat'. It was actually inspired by Korean BBQ back in the day.

First up, we had the sashimi platter which was beautifully organised. The scallops and sashimi were fresh and I liked dipping it into the special soy sauce on our table.

We were also served some cold udon that had a runny egg yolk, sesame dipping sauce, seaweed and bonito flakes. It's interesting to see how they've used udon rather than the more traditional (and less carby) soba. It was good though.

They've also cooked up some buttered sweet potato for us on our grill. Definitely never had buttered taros before! The butter was subtle and with just a little extra salt it was good. It was a little bland for me to be honest and could be a little softer.

Next up, they cooked us some pork belly. Pretty good with the spicy miso sauce. They cooked the harami and the short rib together. The harami was quite burnt on the bottom but despite this, the beef was still so tender and juicy! It was one of my favourites out of all the cuts we were served. The short ribs were pretty good too and tasted more meaty.

The jumbo prawns were served next. Super massive with one prawn being bigger than my wrist! The prawn itself was a little dry but it tasted good with the spicy miso.

And now on to the piece de resistance. The sirloin. It was sooo gloriously juicy I took a second to fully appreciate the burst of flavours in my mouth. Yum. Definitely the highlight of my night.

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Shinbashi Yakiniku
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