QVM Ultimate Foodie Tour (Invited)

Sunday, November 19, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

QVM is older than any of us, and it is easy to take it for granted. But this building is a living history. It is filled with tenants who passed their shops from generation to generations.

First we had an oyster from the fishmongers. They woke up at 2 am everyday to buy their goods straight from the fishermen themselves. Then, as they load their goods into the market, the AC is turned on at full blast, turning the whole place into a giant fridge. Thanks to them, we got to enjoy these fresh oysters, what a relish!

Next we went to the deli section. The interesting thing is, it hasn’t always been a deli section. In fact, it used to be a diary section. That’s why, if you look up, all the windows on the roof faces south, to avoid direct sunlight, and building was made of cool thick stone.

The first shop we visited was the Tribal Tastes. They specialized in curing meat, and those are some of the best cured meat I had. I had salmon candy before (salmon cured African style), though it glisten like a candy, it is very savory. The new tip I got from the guide is to shave it all over pasta/salad/soup. The beef jerkys were really good as well, all was chewy without being too dry or too though or too salty. But a special mention must be made to scotch fillet, they were especially smooth. The tip for these jerky, is that they are perfect for road trips and camping, as they could last for weeks without spoiling.

Comes the QVM poster shop, the chicken pantry. Here we had roast chicken, perfectly charred and lightly spiced to bring out the succulent meat. But the surprise was the kangaroo meat, the first time I had it. It would have easily passed off through me as good quality beef, because they were just so soft. I was told, kangaroo meat is like fish, they cook really quickly. People tend to overcook it and complain about the toughness. If you think they are not cooked yet, they are cooked. One last fact is that all kangaroo are hunted, there’s just no kangaroo farm. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. On one side, it is as free range as free range get, on the other side, there’s hunting.

At the queen vic deli, we tried a variety of olives. My favourite are the small ones, unique to Australia, known as Mount Zero olives.

Next was the hellenic deli. We got dolmades, semi-sun dried oven roasted tomatoes, and capsicum feta dip. The Greeks really know their food. Dolmades was fresh, a nice break from restaurant food that tends to get too salty and oily. There are way too many sundried tomatoes out there, but if you are looking for the real deal, look here and no more. Finally, capsicum and feta dip, I just can’t stop eating it.

The traditional pasta shop sells all kind of pasta, more pasta than I can name. I cannot attest to everything, but the tortellini I had was good.

The famous Epicurean comes next. They really lived up to their name. The cheese selection presented was classic. A blue, a soft, and a hard. The cheddar was good, but the double cream brie was better. Very smooth, soft, and creamy, and very mild as well. But the best was the blue. It was a blue, goat, gouda. Who have ever thought of that combination before? The taste of goat was apparent, but not overpowering. I’ll say that the blue was medium. Definitely there, but not strong enough to scare people away. Definitely the perfect selections.

Next was the classic of all classic, the american doughnuts in the van. Here’s a tip for all the new parents. From the days of old, parents have always use the doughnut as a bribe to their children. Behave, and we might get a doughnut at the very end. Truly time tested and works everytime.

The tour ended at rewine, where they sell refillable wine bottle to save both the environment, and the customers’ pockets at the same time. The casket are filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. We were served pinot gris, sangiovese rose, and noble semillon dessert. The last one made a perfect pairing with the fruits.

We got a $5 voucher and I added another $5 to spend it on the garlic mussels, not disappointed at all.

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