Proud Sprout (Invited).

Tuesday, November 07, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Proud Sprout located in the middle of busy Smith street in Collingwood. Easily reach by public transport and plenty of street parking around for private vehicles. Merely just open for 8 weeks, Proud Sprout specialise in Nepalese and Sri Lankan twist. Owned by Karishma and Waseem (Little Temper in Hawthorn).

They have a spacey outdoor space upstairs, making it perfect for big groups and summer weather ahead. The cafe is very clean and tidy even their restroom. They also have friendly staffs: welcoming us from the start, knowledgeable about the menu, giving recommendation. I initially ordered the smoked trout, but the staff approached me politely to inform that it was unavailable and gave recommendation about other alternatives.

Proud Frenchie. Maple syrup was not overwhelmingly sweet; right amount of sweetness to add to the toast. French toast and presentation on point; it was a very pretty dish indeed! Espresso mascarpone was very smooth and creamy, but the espresso flavour itself doesn’t have very strong taste. Fresh berries bring refreshing flavour to the dish. Pistachio crumbs brings out the texture of the dish well, hoping that there were more of it! Overall, I love this dish.

Mushies and Polenta Cake. Originally a vegetarian dish, but I added extra beef brisket. For me personally, the individual component of the dish (apart from the polenta cake) are fine, but combining them together does not work very well. I added extra beef brisket that provide great texture and strong taste to the dish, but without the extra protein, perhaps it would not be very tasty. Polenta cake was too greasy and a little bit bland. I also added chilli flakes for extra flame and flavour but eggs were perfectly poached, but would love to have more seasoning. Goat cheese (feta) too strong for me personally. Overall, it gives vegetarians more option of good meals!

I also ordered a couple drinks; Flat white -a little bit too sweet to my preference; but overall a nice coffee. Matcha Maiden Latte with Soy milk - couldn’t really taste the matcha, but strong soy milk flavour but sprinkle of cinnamon on top provides fragrance to the latte. The last but certainly not the least because it's my favourite. UP and GO smoothies. We didn’t want to order smoothies as we expected it to be very heavy and filling. Yet, one of the staff members offered and recommended the smoothies for us, and we decided to give it a try. It was a good decision indeed, turned up to be the highlight of the visit! Smoothies was very light and refreshing, perfect for the sunny weather.
strong yet very refreshing cacao flavour, right amount of sweetness, granola toppings on the top provides great smooth texture to the smoothies.

We also ordered their Plain Croissant, it was buttery and light, but not remarkable. I did enjoyed my visit to Proud Sprout. My favourite dishes: Proud Frenchies and Up and Go smoothies! Definitely recommended.

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Proud Sprout
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76 Smith St
Collingwood, VIC 3066