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Friday, November 24, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Newly introduced Poke Bowl named Poke King in Fitzroy area. Easily reachable by public transport, preferable tram. Extremely Friendly staff, they were willing to explain what poke bowl is to their customers and recommended flavours. Poke King is the first poke restaurant in Fitzroy. It's also available for delivery by UberEats and Deliveroo.

The place it self is not very spacious, but quiet and great ambience with painted wall and well-lit space that gives the enjoyable atmosphere. Making it also perfect for quick lunch take away. Exotic with Hawaiian feels, suiting for a poke bowl shop.

Poke bowl is a popular Hawaiian cuisine that is normally served with raw fish and salad. However, being greatly influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines, it is now gaining more attention and popularity around the globe, including in Melbourne. That being said, POKE KING just opened a branch in Fitzroy area, where not many people around there have tried or even heard of POKE bowl – they want you to try and experience this delightful and healthy POKE bowl!

At Poke King, you can create your own salad and protein combination to your bowl, accompanied by various choices of sauces and garnishes ($15 for the classic size and $23 for Sumo size). For those who are new to poke bowl, you could ask the staff to recommend you with popular combinations, or you could try the chef’s specials to guarantee a great experience with your first poke bowl!

Ordered 2 specialty dish as recommended by the staffs: Salmon (Chef Specialty).Favourite part of the dish: Raw salmon (fresh, doesn’t have fishy smell); I personally love sashimi and this one did not let me down.Green tea soba noodles were not greasy, great texture and consistency of the noodles. Cucumber, carrot and red cabbage provides freshness to the dish. Very filling, rich in protein, nutritious and healthy meal alternatives. Sauces added makes the dish incredibly flavourful. Presentation-wise: prettiest and most colourful salad I could ever think of.

Tiger Prawn. Favourite part of the dish: green matcha sushi rice (surprisingly flavourful, creamy but not too thick).Quinoa did not have the strong-scent that some people despise.Prawn were perfectly cooked (did not have a rubbery texture at all) and was delightful.Kimchi and radishes provided acidity that balanced the unique flavor of the matcha sushi rice and quinoa.

Overall great poke experience accompanied with refreshing infused water, that is well-known to be good for detox and health. I definitely encourage you all to have a try on poke bowls, and as summer is coming, it will be a great refreshing, yet healthy companion to your day! Once you fell in love with poke bowl, grab POKE KING’S loyalty card and be back for more poke bowls!

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Poke King
+6139417 3852
385 Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC 3065