Miss Kasumi (Invited)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Miss Kasumi is a charming Japanese restaurant in Kew. They have a different menu for lunch and dinner to suits the customers. Quick rice bowl for lunch is available for a hearty convenient meal. Dinner is much more sophisticated, they have three different course meal ranging from 8 to 10 dish per course or a la carte options also available. They also have vegetarian menu and kids menu as well as sushi and sashimi menu. The fun things is they say each customer will have a chance to reorder a dish  on the house if all customers within the table order the same course.

I went in on a Wednesday night and it's amazing how busy the restaurant is but the vibe remain calm as well as sophisticated. Their manager is so friendly, funny but professional. We love him. He add a positive value to the restaurant. I also love the interior, it has an open bar, a sushi bar, perfect mix between traditional and modern decoration.

Their cocktail menu is extensive and their mocktail menu is serious. Why do I say serious? Because most restaurant, does not take mocktail seriously. But Miss Kasumi does, they put a real effort and thought into it. Hanamura, Pop Corn Iced Tea and Virgin Watermelon Daiquiri. Hanamura is all about flower, aromatic and sweet. Pop Corn Iced Tea is unique and toasty. Virgin Watermelon Daiquiri, perfect match between creamy and refreshing.

Salmon Toro Aburi Sushi, Chu Toro Sushi and Anago Sushi. Three of them simply impressive. High quality sushi, treated precisely. I would come again for them for sure. On some days, they have uni (sea urchin), I would be back on that day.

Appetisers for Set menu - Apple Smoke, Pork Belly, Pickle and Seaweed. We opted for a la carte but I was attracted to their appetisers menu from their website pictures. The manager was kind enough to bring it out for us to try even though we did not order the course menu. The apple smoke was so aromatic and smokey, nicely build up our mood to accept the crispy pork belly then ended with refreshing seaweed.

Kasumi's Chawan Mushi, Nama Shii Hotate - mashed baby scallop, quail eggs, shiitake mushroom. Their chawan mushi is petite and beautifully presented, the taste deliver. Compared to the other dishes, nama shii hotate fall a bit flat or bland for me but it's still great. My husband likes it.

Beef Tataki, Salmon Carpaccio and Salmon Tartar. These three dishes is my absolute favourite, I would order all of this again without thinking twice. Each of them is very well prepared, seasoned and maintaining their cold refreshing taste. Love em.

Tempura, Wafu Porterhouse and Grilled Unagi. Out of the three, I like the wafu porterhouse the most. It's so delicious with slight mushroom sauce and melt's in your mouth meat. What's not to love? Their unagi is also impressive, perfectly seasoned and grilled but too many bones for my liking. The tempura is nice but completely over shadowed by the other two dishes.

Matcha Pogadas ($16), Kasumi Black Sesame ($8.5), Mochi. The closing number is also impressive. We love both mactha dessert and black sesame. We tasted the matcha first and very happy with the authentic matcha taste without being to sweet. Then the black sesame came with a strong black sesame flavour that's so impressive. We ended up liking the black sesame more. The last dessert is shaped like a cute cherry, brought out by the manager to finished up.

I love Miss Kasumi so much and can't wait to come back, re order many of their stuff as well as try many other dish. Miss Kasumi is a very promising restaurant and I highly recommended it. Nicely blending the traditional and modern taste.

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Miss Kasumi
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