Main Street (Invited)

Sunday, November 19, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Main Street is located in the perfect location, just right behind Mordialloc train station and 5-10 minutes walking distance from the beach.It was really nice weather on that day and when we arrived, the place was really full of people. Though, it was packed, but the vibe and atmosphere were still great. The customer staffs were very attentive and friendly.

We didn’t see any other fancy cafes around this area which made them to be the only place to serve great brunch. For the drink we ordered: Mocha. We didn’t expect to get the generous size of mocha. The mocha had balance taste between chocolate, coffee and milk. Chai Latte. The taste of the chai latte was pretty good and it was generously served in the small jug. You were able to share between 2 – 3 people. We also ordered Mango passion smoothies -mango, coconut cream and four protein vanilla bean with passion fruit pulp and coconut water.This is a must to order, the smoothies was absolutely fantastic. It had rich taste, generous portion and freshly served – flawless. It wasn’t too sweet either.We loved this smoothies.

The first course: Chicken Sanga - Turkish bread filled with chicken breast, jalapeno tomato relish, monterey jack cheddar, rocket, red onion and aioli. The bread was well toasted and the chicken breast inside was very tender and juicy. All ingredients were just in the right size and not too much. Can’t highly recommend to order this dish.

Crispy Calamari - sumac and semolina coated crispy calamari with lemon aioli, pickled red onion and herbs. The calamari was served fresh, hot, crunchy and seasoned well. It was very crispy from outside and tender when you bite it. As soon as it was served to us and it was the first to be taken away because we couldn’t stop eating the calamari.This dish was the winner for today.

Say Cheese - Mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes with a jalapeno tomato jam. The Mac n cheese was served hot and fresh. It was crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside. The taste was also great, rich and lured with generous cheese. If you’re a cheese lover, this one would be your favorite.

Our second course: Beauty Bowl -Nourish bowl of quinoa, chickpeas, avocado, rocket, baby kale, feta and cashews topped with a poached egg.If you really concerned about the healthy food, beauty bowl would definitely be your option. Everything was served fresh and very generous portion.
The combination of all ingredients in this dish had good benefits for your health.

The Doffle - Donut waffle with toasted marshmallow, crushed hazelnuts, nutella mascarpone and fresh strawberries.The friendly customer staff suggested us to order the Doffle for the dessert. The portion was very generous.The waffle was crispy from the outside and fluffy inside.
It was even better when you dipped the waffle with chocolate mascarpone and ate with the fruits on the side. It was a perfect combination.

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Main Street
+6139580 8150
503-505 Main St
Mordialloc VIC 3195