Homi (Invited)

Monday, November 06, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Homi is a sleek, modern Vietnamese restaurant located just off Queen St in the CBD. The idea was conceptualised when the 4 owners took a trip to Vietnam and thought about opening a noodle bar. Inspired by the grungy, underground noodle bars in Asia, they've certainly delivered the 'neon-like' look of their bar whilst keeping it modern.

I started off with the lemon and chia drink which was really refreshing with its notes of lemongrass. The Viet iced coffee, on the other hand, was quite decadent with the addition of coconut into the sweet drink.

We were then served the lovely Pho'Wich which had sliced beef, five spice, pho spiced mayo, hoisin and sriracha. First up, I really liked how they used brioche instead of the traditional baguette because the brioche was sweet and soft! They certainly nailed the flavours of pho in the banh mi and it was so delicious. Definitely one of my faves of the night.

Up next, I had to choose between the broken rice bao and the fried chicken bao. I opted for the broken rice bao because it looked so interesting! Coming with a pork patty, an enticing sunny side up and broken rice, I loved how the pork has that charred Viet pork chop taste to it. The oozy egg also made everything better. We also had the tater tots which came with tobiko and sesame sauce. Very addictive.

We then had the Homi Buncha Hanoi that had vercimeli and came with a sweet 'dipping' soup, or nuoc cham. The soup wasn't my favourite type of soup because it was sweet (you're supposed to 'dip' the noodles in the soup rather than drink the soup like udon). There were slices of pork patty in the soup which was tender and flavoursome. The accompanying spring roll was super crisp and tasty too. Just bursting with flavour. Too bad it came with a super salty kick that we both didn't expect!

The second noodle of the night was the soft shell crab banh canh. It had rice drop noodles, quail eggs, fried soft shell crab, prawns on a thick crab soup. I've never had this dish before. The rice drop noodles were sort of like thinner, chewier yet softer versions of udon. I really enjoyed the texture.  Although I didn't like the soup at first, it sort of grew on me and I really enjoyed it in the end!

By the time for dessert, we were both just so full. The first dessert was the Messed Up which came with meringue, raspberry coulis and a sort of coconutty biscuit crumbled on it. I enjoyed the textures of the meringue and  the biscuit together and the raspberry coulis added a nice refreshing touch to the whole dish. The Nutella Ice Cream Bao was quite melted by the time it got to our table. Whilst we both enjoyed the ice cream, we found the bao to be greasy.

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