California Burgers (Invited)

Saturday, November 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

California Burgers - one of very few burger joints that open till late in Chapel St, Windsor area. As ex-souvlaki shop owner, they still keep the opening hours till late. Started as a secret menu in their souvlaki shop, now they make it into the main thing.

As apparent in its name, this family restaurant has LA, California in everything they serve and the decoration. From the name of the foods even soft drinks that sold in US such as Leninade. They put a lot effort in improving the burger's recipe by traveling to US trying various burgers to improve their current ones :)

What we had: L.A.X Burger - named after the LA airport, this burger has similar concept from In-N-Out’s double patty burger, this burger contains 2 fresh beef patties, 2 American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and pink mayo. If u ask me what is this pink mayo - well even the wife of the chef did not even know this since it’s a secret recipe. The taste is just yum! The burger was prepared with fresh lettuce and everything fresh - you can tell from the crunch sound of the lettuce on your first bite and every single elements in the burger. Simply fresh, clean and delicious. The patties were cooked perfectly, the thickness of the patties were just right for me and the meat was still juicy :) Perfect with the fries with any fries.

Malibu - this burger is named after one of the famous beach in LA - since it’s California Burger all the burgers should represent the Cali family. This is the first time we had turkey burger. Everything else is the same with LAX except that they used single turkey patty. Even with the same sauce and filling I think I would prefer the texture and the combination with the beef patty instead of the turkey patty. It was enjoyable for me but I prefer to have the classic beef one.

Beef and Chicken Tacos - Not only LA foods they also sell Tacos that fresh grilled everyday! :) My fave one would be the beef taco I think this is just me being biased towards beef tacos.

Definitely a great experience, simple fresh burger that highlight the high quality of the ingredients used. Very friendly and accomodating owners :) Definitely will be back ;)

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California Burgers
+6139525 2280
42 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181