The Goat House (Invited)

Thursday, October 12, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Goat House located very close to Elsternwick Station. Just a short walk and located in front of a small park - quite easy to find. The place is very spacious and have outdoor seating as well. Another plus point is the wait staff generally very accommodating and friendly. As well as the food selection literally broad in selections - you can go from all day breakfast, or just pizza, burgers and pasta to steak.

Start with my favorite mocca - the order come out quite quick and it was served in a slightly bigger cup than usual cafe that we usually go. Tried Chail latte as well. The natural brewed chai from the leaves not the powder one - always a plus point. Perfect to start your meal especially during the winter. Glad we get our table by the fireplace.

Classic stuffed french toast. Our fave dish at goat house. thick bread like Japanese honey bread style but my partner like it in thinner style so it's something quite new for us. They make their own challah French toast with beautifully arranged berries, poached pear, pistachio pralines on top of lemon lime curd. Love this kind of breakfast with a hint of freshness and drizzle of maple syrup. Simply love it. I love all the fruits choice that goes well with the pistachio praline and the lemon lime curd.

Cheddar Crusted Rosti. This dish said to be their fave and turned out to be ours too. It was nice and as expected. It's like the classic smashed avo with semi sundried tomato but instead of toast they use this crunchy cheddar-mozarella rosti with chives. For a crunchy lover, I totally dig this dish. The look maybe a bit too simple and humble but the taste was great.

Slow cooked beef brisket burger. Goat house also proud of their protein dishes so we tried one of the popular burgers, slow cooked beef brisket. A huge burger stacked with - starting from the bottom : juicy pulled beef, swiss cheese, fresh tomato, bacon, egg, onion, lettuce and garlic coleslaw in a soft brioche bun and served with generous portion of chips. I almost could not hold it with my both hand so I need to cut it in a smaller pieces and try to fit every elements into my mouth in one go. It was enjoyable and as expected. The pulled beef is very juicy so that it gets watery after awhile so you might want to eat it straightaway. It was not my favorite kind of burger but it was enjoyable. The beef by itself is a star.

Overall, the meal was quite enjoyable. I would say the price ranges is on the higher side for some of their dishes even though they served generous portion. The spacey and wide space is definitely a plus point for large groups and family.

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The Goat House
+6139523 8299
3–6 Elsternwick Pl
Elsternwick VIC 3185