The George on Collins (Invited)

Monday, October 02, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The George on Collins it's semi fine dining and doesn’t look like the usual ordinary bar. It's very modern yet classic and there is DJ for the weekend. Open all-day and open till late on the weekends. They have private sofa area, great for hanging out or private chat, it also has curtain which I love, offers privacy and exclusivity within your groups. On top of that, they also have 4 private functions in the bar, and one quiet area for people who prefer a more quieter vibe.

One Night in Paris. The white chocolate makes this drink very smooth, passionfruit makes it fresh, generally brings happy mood. You could taste the vanilla vodka as well. The balance is perfect, not so sour and not too sweet. I considered this to be a light drink and my favourite of the night.

Royale Salute Spritz. You could tell there is a rose wine in it. It is not a heavy drink, pretty light. Great for a relax night with friends without being to ambitious or might want to order second and third cocktail.

Collin St Mule. Great sweetness, you could taste the berries and ginger. Great balance not too tropical. I would categorise this as a classy drink. I considered this as medium to light drink. I find this drink as the most unique drink due to its presentation compared to others.

Founders Fortune. The after taste is a bit strong and heavy. Perfect for who loves higher level of liquor. Don’t expect sweetness in this one as it quite bitter. Nicely done for a bit of wild night out with your friends.

Roguish Tendencies. This drink is very appealing in terms of the preparation. Provides drama and fantasy. It includes smokes and fire where it excites everyone. I would say this is a medium to strong drink.

The George on Collins has a very spacious area with variety of functions area. It offers many versatility to suit customers need. It has grand entrance, lift up your mood straight away. Great visible presence, you could spot the sign of the bar outside on Collins Street straight away. I also notice that the cover page of the menu is awesome, it's the building where the George on Collins bar located. A heritage building and it is drawn as the cover page.

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The George on Collins
162 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000