The Counter (Invited)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The counter is located in the busy Auburn Road. You will find a petite grey cafe with black and white canopy just around the corner. The cafe opt for a bar style and when you come inside - squishy will be the word. The place is quite petite but it is so lovely so it may not be suitable for moms with prams etc. They have 2 entrances: one go straight to the cashier - perfect if u want to grab and go coffee. If you want to enjoy the sunlight and just laid back a little bit - opt for the back entrance where you will be seated in the outdoor garden seating.

The garden seating has 5 small tables for two and one long tables that can fit 8-9 people there. They turn on the heater and provide blankets for every seat to warm you up outside. The earthy design with lots of succulents here and there - you can imagine to enjoy restaurant quality food and eating them in your own backyard.

We started our meal with a mocha - beautifully presented and taste great. Then we had Passionfruit, mango and mint smoothies. The smoothies made fresh which I highly appreciate. The smoothies taste is interesting but I couldn't really taste the passionfruit and only mild taste of the mango. This was okay but might need to put much stronger fruit taste in the drink - the colour of the drink dominated by the milk instead of the fruits.

Crispy zucchini and corn fritters, smashed avo, sweetcorn puree and 2 poached free range eggs and hollandaise sauce: The taste is great. You can opt for smoke salmon side for additional charge. the portion is quite small and the poached egg slightly overcooked. The corn fritters still hot in the table - perfectly fried crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. Every elements just match with one another especially with the sauce. Smart presentation with the corn puree as well. Love this simple dish so much.

Smoked chicken & truffled mushroom risotto, green peas and salted ricotta : Homey chicken stock based risotto with shredded chicken and mushroom with generous shredded cheese on top. You should have the truffle oil inside as well but I couldnt really taste or smell the truffle inside the dish. This is a nice dish with generous portion. Simply like it :)

Orange hotcakes,macadamia and coconut crumble, burnt orange mascarpone, berries and maple syrup: It is a classic hotcake with slight orange twist. The dough is soft like soft cake but slightly crispy around the edge of the hotcake - love the crispy texture. The mascarpone cream has slight orangey taste but still light and smooth. Love the cream so much. Together with the berries, it balanced the sweetness of the hotcake so that the sweetness was not overwhelming (my personal fave would be the raspberry). I initially thought the crumbles were biscuits but it turned out to contain coconuts and macadamia in it - subtle taste of them but interesting crumble taste. The portion is quite generous as well - suitable for sharing.

The service here is top notch. They wont let you have your glass half empty and they’re really attentive with ur need - no wonder they got awards for it. Definitely a recommended place. I would come next time to try the shaksouka (baked egg) since almost every table ordered that.

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The Counter
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Hawthorn VIC 3122