Sash (Invited)

Wednesday, October 04, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sash prides them self in serving the perfect blend of restaurant and bar. Focusing on Japanese flavour on their straight forward, easy to understand menu with complicated flavour. Also offering innovative drinks and Japanese beverages. The venue has various seatings from high stools, bar, booth and bigger table at the back. They also have open bar and kitchen but what I love the most is their wall art.

My first though when I see their menu was oh wow, this is weird stuff. Japanese pizza? Hm.. I don't know whether it will blow my mind. Then I saw one of my fellow bloggers review and he likes it, I trusted his palate cause he's been in the business for a while and he follows Melbourne openings as much as I am, maybe more. I started with Marshmallow Martini, so beautifully presented. One of the most feminine and delicate cocktail I ever received but don't mistake the taste, it's strong and go straight to your head.

Tacos - Kingfish, lime, chilli, coconut ($8), Sash Sliders - pork belly and Open Poke - Salmon Ponzu ($19). My favourite out of the three is the pork belly, served in a black bun, abundant sauce and juicy pork belly. My husband favourite is the state of the art open poke, unlike any other poke bowl, presented open on the plate with generous salmon. Taste light, fresh and just enough rice. The last and the least for me is the tacos, crispy shell which I like but I find the coconut a bit over powering the kingfish but my husband like it cause he likes richer taste.

Pizza - tropical ahi tuna ($34) and Sashizza - ebi mayo ($22). Now, the main show, the dish that I have been waiting for. I love the crispy sushi rice under the sashizza, succulent huge prawn, I just they have more to t, maybe crispy seaweed and ikura? I think it would elevate the dish even more. Then move on to our last main, super beautiful pizza. Arguably, the most beautiful pizza ever. Seared tuna with mango, on top of black pizza? Weird? Yes! Good? Amazingly, yes! They work perfectly, balanced between heavier texture of the bread and light tuna and fresh mango. This pizza is a show stopper and perfect to impress clients or dates.

Just before dessert, I met the person who been talking to me on Instagram, he's so friendly and down to earth. I also love Kim, who been serving us from the beginning. Places like this normally not open to kids but they are perfectly warm to my baby. Even though, I have to admit it's much better to bring them on day time for casual lunch. He did says they have plans to open for lunch in the future. So back to dessert, Macaron Ice Cream - taro ($12). Beautiful colour, well portioned. The macaron is a bit too sticky for my taste, I like it a bit more crunchy but the taro ice cream has perfect balanced of taro flavour and sweetness.

Sash is a true meaning of fusion. Mixing traditional Japanese high quality produce with modern technique and unique flavours. They take a huge risk by taking such as high leap in creativity, innovation and breaking so many rules but it's worth it. Sash is perfect for people who are open minded, if you are not an open minded person, be open and try it!

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+6139510 4016
113 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181