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Friday, October 27, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

MOM Cafe location is reachable by tram and buses. In collaboration of Beingwell Healthcare, to provide healthy meals for the customers. Beingwell Healthcare itself offer various health services for the customers, such as Food allergy and intolerances tests, myotheraphy, dietetics, nutritionist, massage therapy, acupuncture, and many more.All meals were carefully prepared by dietitians, nutritionists, naturopaths and chefs to enhance our body and mind’s health, especially good for our health and digestion.This café would be a very suitable café for those who has health issues and in need to plan their meal carefully, or simply willing to improve their digestions and overall body he

The cafe it self is positive, bright, and encouraging vibes around the café. There is a spacious courtyard for large groups to have gatherings. Various newspaper and magazines on some tables.
But I was a little disappointed with the service,I asked one of the staffs on recommended meals, but she did not seem to have wide-understanding about the menu itself.

MOM breakfast. Salmon: cooked and seasoned nicely, but not remarkable either. Scrambled eggs: well-seasoned but not too rich in flavour; not oily. Mushroom: the taste is just right and very juicy, delicious, the highlight of the dish. Kale pesto: perfect combination with the mushroom, provide smooth texture; did not taste bitter at all. Toasted bagel: too chewy to my preference; Rocket salad: provide freshness and unique flavour to the dish. Overall combination is pretty average.

Acai Bowl. Flowery-appealing fragrance. Natural sweetness from the banana was very nice. Strawberries, blueberry and coconut provide freshness to the bowl. Acai itself had the right sweetness level, thus you won't get sick of it even if you eat a lot. On top of all, it has just right amount of portion to fill our tummy.

Banana smoothies. Very Refreshing with minty flavour. It was too watery to my preference, but it balances perfectly with the MOM breakfast that I had.Slight cinnamon touch adds strong aroma to the smoothies. Very strong almond milk flavour, which is a good thing.

Besides these heavy dishes, MOM café also has healthy-snacks prepared to satisfy your sweet tooth! (Banana, Raspberry, and Coconut loaf; muffins, protein balls as in the photos). They also have some prepared meal for you to keep at home too! (Photos in the fridge). For me personally, MOM café did not wow my palate, but it impressed me on its intention to promote healthy-eating to the society, yet still satisfying our taste-buds. All of the dishes have been carefully prepared, where they put their customer’s health and satisfaction as their priority, and thus it should be highly appreciated.

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MOM Cafe
+6139529 7701
388 Malvern Rd
Prahran VIC 3181