Lona (Invited)

Monday, October 30, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Lona is a huge restaurant and bar is owned by Charles. It has indoor, outside, and garden seating. Their garden seating can be used for a function or private dinner and it is located at the back of the restaurant. The bar service is going to be private too which is nice.

The restaurant open from 12pm until late at night. Their service is very friendly and detailed as he explain everything on the menu. Moreover, they do live music every night after 8pm to enhance customers' experience. The most interesting part about this restaurant is that they don't provide cutleries. Everything is supposed to be enjoyed by hands. Another interesting fact is they have their own brewers for their beer product to be specialised in that area.

Calamari fritos. The portion of this dish is big enough for a starter. The skin of this calamari is not as crispy as expected but on the other hand, it is not oily. It is best to eat when it's warm much more crispier and tender.

Croquetas (3pcs). This dish contains 3 small balls with creamed leek inside. The cream disappointed me a little bit as there is not much taste. Overall, it taste average. Even though, I normally like creamed leek so much.

Pork sliders. I would not recommend this dish as the sliders bun is too hard and the pork is average. I want more sauces, tastier pork and fluffy bun. This dish have potential to be a great dish just needed to be elevated a bit.

Fish tacos. This dish is the best one of all. I thought the fish is going to be fishy but turns out, it is delicious especially eaten with the salsa sauce, tomato and cucumber. The salsa is so fresh and perfect for tacos.

Lamb ribs. This dish is amazing as well, served with cumin salt and minted yogurt. The way to eat it is to sprinkle the cumin salt on top of the lamb. The meat is so tender that it could melt in my mouth. Overall, this dish is recommended.

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+6139525 3755
64-66 Acland St
St Kilda VIC 3182