Burn City Smokers Pop Up - Spring Menu (Invited)

Sunday, October 22, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

BBQ is the precise food during this cold season. Fortunately Burn City Smokers continue it's pop up to the Spring, still at Grand Hyatt Melbourne which located on Collins Street CBD that easy to access. As this collaboration between Burn City and Hyatt is popular, I personally recommended to make a prior booking. The atmosphere of this 5 stars hotel made me comfortable to dine in and got romantic ambience with dim lights.

This is my second time tasting Burn City Smokers x Grand Hyatt. The first time, I like it so much that I went back in a couple times. We began with some bites we got a spring radish completed with whipped saint david hand churned butter. A very light bites to eat, not too strong and a bit flat even though you eat together with the butter.

Second bites we got pork stratching's. It was so crispy indeed, salty yet very dry for the aftertaste. Accompanied by old bay spices (kind of sauce) that gave some sourness into our bites. Last bites we got a sweet potato crisps that I love so much on my first visit. The sweet potato is crunchy but not oily as its look and perfect with their french onion dip under the potato. This dip is delicious. Me and my partner literally dip every bites with this french onion dip.

Our first entrΓ©e is pine needle smoke portobello with shiitake sauce and pink peppercorn on the top. Even though this dish have a weird appearance, this is my favorite dish ! The shiitake sauce really tasty but not too strong, soft, and blended great with the pine needle portobello. I love it then, I love it again now.

Our second entrΓ©e is smoked pig head terrine with spiced apple. The smoked pig head is just alright, it have a strong smells of pig but balanced with the spiced apple that has a fresh taste on the palate. Then we move on to the awesome asparagus, they cooked it on the right time that has crunchy impact. The bertroot pickled egg has soft texture and goes well if you eat the egg, asparagus, and fried bread together. This dish made me couldn't wait for the main dish.

In between entrΓ©e and main, we offered a mini smoked brisket burger with bbq sauce, mustard, and pickles. Even though this burger has a petite size, we don't doubt its taste. The brisket is caramelized creating sweetness and the mustard for a touch of acidity. This is what they are famous for and I'm glad that they make a mini version of it so we can still order more variety of their dishes.

Finally we reach our main dish. We got milawa smoked chicken with lemon myrtle and a dip of mustard sauce. This dish is gluten free. The chicken has been marinated well and the smoked smells is quite strong. It was juicy indeed but the skin is crispy and yes it is perfect with the dip of mustard. Next we got roasted onion which has nut and lentil minced inside with charred beetroot. It is sweet, tasty but also has a bit of bitterness from the onion.

The highlight of the day is the ribs. Tasmanian free range baby back pork ribs that has a strong flavour and I believe has a rich herbs in it. If you love spicy dish, you will be into it. The meat is very tender, juicy, sweet and marinated very well. We also got some sides to accompany our main. We got charred broccolini which I love it so much because it got natural sweet came from the broccolini, also the herby slaw, and spring salad which are very fresh.

Throughout the night we got flight of Sample brew. Sample brand has produced an awesome beer indeed. You will experience the sweetness, zesty, and rich of minerality in it. I ordered a lychee cocktail. It was a lovely cocktail for the night. It is not too strong yet not too sweet or light. Fresh and very pleasant.

We end our dine experience with their surprising dessert which is not in our menu. It was caramelized apple with frozen ricotta (-37C to -40C). Unexpected, this dessert has stole my heart. Just one word could describe this dessert: Amazing! The apple is still fresh yet sweet caramelized and the frozen ricotta is well melted in your mouth. I definitely will miss this dessert.

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Burn City Smokers Pop Up
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