Saint James (Revisited-Invited)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Cute little cafe off in Malvern Road serving a take on British staples. Yes, I have been to Saint James before and yes it was an enjoyable one. That's why I'm glad that we are invited again. Always welcome a second when it's good.

We ordered the Yuzu Kukicha tea to start and it was just the bomb. A blend of green tea and yuzu, the flavours are light with gentle accents of yuzu that accompanies the slight bitterness of the tea leaves. So good! My favourite kind of Chinese tea is the bitter ones that cleanse your palate, but leave a sweet aftertaste. This is exactly it, though less bitter and hence less sweet, but the Yuzu Green tea complexify the flavour. Will be looking to get this blend as Christmas presents for my tea loving friends. I love the milk shake. They use real strawberry, and you can really tell.

For the food, we ordered the Fish Finger Butty Sandwich. I've heard about this sandwich through British shows and I was expecting there to be chips wedged inside the sandwich for some reason! This one doesn't have chips but does come with fish fingers, cabbage and dill saad as well as pea aoli. Dill isn't my favourite herb but the mixture of the aoli tones it down, making it quite enjoyable actually. It certainly is uniquely British and feels very satisfying. The crisped to perfection fish fingers weren't overly salty which made it go well with the aoli but most importantly, you really can't go with white bread. Sigh. 

I tried a little bit of my brunch buddy's Smashed Avocado. I'm glad to say that the sourdough's actually pretty good! The crust wasn't had and the interiors were just the right amount of softness. The avo was also fresh and the dukkah added an element of difference to the dish.

Next up was the Strawberries and Cream Pikelets that came with vanilla creme fraiche, meringue gems and strawberry coulis. You know the feeling when your mind just goes temporarily blank as you tuck into a delicious bite? That's how I felt when I sampled the strawberry coulis. Yummm. I love strawberries and I enjoyed how fresh, sweet and tart the coulis was! The pikelets were nicely warm too and I liked the added crunch of the meringue. I wasn't a big fan of the vanilla creme fraiche because it didn't taste of much but the strawberry coulis just made the whole dessert for me.

Yay! Another enjoyable experience at Saint James. We love their pikelets last time and we love it again. Their service is as good as last time, friendly, warm and attentive. I recommend Saint James for foodies who crave British brunch.

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Saint James
1376 Malvern Rd
Melbourne, VIC 3144
Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

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