Punchbowl Canteen (Invited)

Tuesday, September 05, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Punchbowl Canteen located across the road from Toyota offices, industrial part of Port Melbourne. Sitting at the former Salford Lads Club and Red Tulip Easter Egg Factory, now transformed into a trendy cafe with high ceilings, large windows, white walls and a splash of pastel colour here and there. Lead by Head Chef Elizabeth Milroy ex St Ali, Fitzrovia, Wide Open Road. Her theme at Punchbowl Canteen is to “keep it simple but do it well”

I came in on Saturday lunch time and grab a table straight away. The cafe it self was spacious, airy and I do love the pastel mural at the back painted by Australian artist Leigh Bartholomew. The open kitchen at the back room has a custom built wood fire and added a unique flare to the place.

Texan Braised Beans - brioche crumbed egg, cornbread ($17.5) and pulled pork ($5). My husband was amaze of their super generous size. He can't finish the whole dish and that's really rare for him cause he usually able to finish two brunch dishes on his own. The bean was rich, perfectly cooked with super tender pork.

Breakfast Green Poke Bowl - kale, edamame, wakame, sesame crusted avo, poached egg ($19.5) and house smoked trout ($6.5). The broth that comes in the bottom of the plate mixed in with rice was absolutely refreshing and beautiful. It was cold, taste light, sweet and has a hint of soy sauce. It's the perfect broth for the dish. The trout was slightly over cooked for me, I would like it to be rare in the middle but besides absolutely love this dish.

Jam Doughnut Hotcake - cinnamon ice cream ($18). This is the reason I visited Punchbowl on the weekend since they have different menu weekdays and weekend and this baby only available on weekend. It looked plain and small but oh boy it's filling. Fluffy with slightly tart jam to balance the sweetness, the only thing is I would like more ice cream.

There's a misunderstanding at the beginning that they did not know I was coming that day but sorted up quickly and easily. Besides that the service was pretty attentive even with my baby and prams. What I love the most is their poke bowl, I would come back for that.

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Punchbowl Canteen
+6138534 9957
1A Fennell St
Melbourne VIC 3207

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