Heritage Wall (Invited)

Friday, September 01, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Heritage wall is a new cafe located 5-7 minutes walk from Camberwell Station. It's also reachable by trams with plenty of parking spots on the street but it could be challenging since Camberwell is a busy shopping area.
The cafe is bright, modern, with a touch of classic interior design. I came in on a weekdays after lunch time and it was quiet with chill ambience, definitely recommended for simply a quick coffee to catching up with group of friends. There is also a little private section at the back, suitable for large group of people. There are also some seats available outdoors.

We started with Super Pink - organic pitaya, banana, peanut butter, chia seeds, coconut, vanilla protein, almond milk ($10). At first I was attracted by the very pretty pink colour and the photos were all over the Instagram. Definitely worth a try. Very rich yet refreshing to the palate, not overly sweet. A healthy choice indeed, very fulling (good choice if you are on diet, but not to miss out any gatherings!). But as I was having it after my meal, therefore it was a little bit too much for me. 

Matcha Latte. It was too bitter for my preference, and a little bit bland as I normally did not add any sugars. Disappointed because I was expecting milky and creamy, yet rich green tea flavor, but it did not happen. It's also was slightly too watery for me. 

Banana Bread - berries compote, mascarpone, coconut, fresh banana, pistachio ($17.5). The banana bread is recommended by one of the staffs and it's a very good choice indeed. I was expecting the banana bread to be overwhelmingly sweet but NO. It was very well balanced with the acidity and freshness from the berries compote and passion fruit as well as the mascarpone and fresh banana provide the creamy texture and nuts, coconut adds crunchiness to the dish, which helps in balancing the creamy texture of the bread and mascarpone. Banana bread itself were moist and a little bit crunchy on the outside, which I personally like. Great presentation with lots of colours on the plate. It was an unexpectedly delicious banana bread, every component of the dish served an important factor.

The Wall - double smoke bacon, chorizo, roasted tomatoes, thyme mustard mushrooms, poached eggs, avocado, ciabatta ($22.5). We start with the bacon and it was crispy, not oily, but nothing special indeed . Roasted tomato was cooked and seasoned perfectly; add freshness to the overall dish. Poached eggs were cooked to perfection. Seasoned nicely, not overcooked nor undercook; runny egg yolks add moisture and flavour to the bread and chorizo itself. Chorizo was the best part of the meal, moist on the inside, not too hard or dry on the outside. Avocado added creamy texture to the dish, which was nice. The only let down was the bread underneath was underwhelming, as it was too hard on the outside. The whole dish was nice and comes in a generous portion.

I like the fact that they took into account little details and try to perfect the dish; every little detail matters and all small things play a part and contribute something to the dish. The staff also very friendly, kindly welcome every single person that came in whether they are dining in or simply grab something to go. Also very well-trained, offering water when needed and asks for drinks by the time we settle. They are also knowledgeable regarding the menu, explaining the recommended ones in detail. I would love to come back for their banana bread and of course would like to try other recommended dishes as well such as cured trout, eggs benedict, and smoked eggplants.Very satisfied with their service and very-friendly staffs.

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Heritage Wall
+6139995 3168
768 Burke Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124

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