Cocofrio (Sponsored)

Sunday, September 10, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Cocofrio is filling the gap in the market. Tintin Sealey loves ice cream and so does everyone I know. I my self obsessed with ice cream. But there are many people who also love sweets but unable to enjoyed it as much with dairy or gluten sensitivity. She then have an idea to create an alternative since she saw there's not many alternatives back then at the supermarket shelves.

Cocofrio is born for people who is dairy and gluten sensitive but loves ice cream. All the product is completely dairy-free and gluten-free. Currently, there are 10 flavours to choose from such as ice coffee, mango, naked coconut and more. Besides to be eaten straight from the tub, it can also be transformed into smoothies and more. Their website features various recipes.


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