Wood n Chimney (Invited)

Thursday, August 03, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Wood n Chimney is located just around the corner of Hoyts at Melbourne Central. As it turns out, I’ve always passed it but I’ve never actually noticed the name of the place! And so did the other bloggers who came for the event. The decor is your woodsy low-lighting ambience for dinners.

We started off with some appetisers. I first tried the Tomato Bruschetta - the bread was toasted well and it was a light start to the big meal ahead of us. The Pumpkin Arancini Balls were pretty good too; I wasn’t expecting there to be cheese on the inside so it was a nice little gooey surprise. The Parmesan Crumbed Polenta Chips, although quite crisp with an umami coating, they weren’t exactly my favourite because the ‘batter’ inside was quite grainy. The wings we had were also slightly on the dry side.

While waiting for our mains, I got the ‘Frose’ which was blended frozen rose accompanied by strawberry juice. It came up looking like a frozen Margarita and our table was impressed by how good it looked! You could really taste the strong rose throughout the drink and the combination of strawberries was excellent.

And now on to our mains. The Porcini Risotto was presented quite well with a smattering of freshly grated parmesan. There was a white ball sitting at the top of the dish and we were all taking turns at guessing what cheese it was. I thought it was buffalo mozzarella but turns it was a poached egg! Not sure about that combination. The flavours of the risotto was almost Chinese-like. Another blogger commented on how the texture was a little odd for the risotto. I enjoyed the mushrooms but I wished there were more flavours.

I also tried the Salami Pizza which was unexpectedly spicy. It wasn’t too hot though so it was fine. The base and tomato sauce was good but it wasn’t anything special. A definite contrast to everything we had, the Butter Chicken came next. Wow. In a menu of Italian classics, it was really weird to have this dish presented on us. Although the rice was a little had (someone commented on how the risotto would complement the butter chicken!), the flavours were surprisingly good for an Italian restaurant attempting Butter Chicken. The chicken was slightly overcooked but they were still alright.

We finally reached desserts. First up we had their Nutella Calzone which was filled with strawberries mixed with Nutella. My first impression was that the calzone had a weird cardboard-y aftertaste. I got used to it but the texture of the calzone could be a little crispier. Next up were the Waffles that were topped with ice cream and popping candy. While I enjoyed the ice cream’s tartness, I felt that the waffles were too hard and could be a little warmer.

Overall, whilst the food menu was fairly substandard, the flavours were pretty good. I was mostly impressed by their surprisingly extensive cocktails list and would probably come back to order more!

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Wood n Chimney
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