Small Print Pizza (Invited)

Friday, August 04, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Small Print is located in an otherwise quiet, old-looking street around Windsor. Upon entering, I was surprised by the modern, wood and white walls ‘Instagram-my’ interiors. The atmosphere was relaxed, slightly quiet.

I loved their dedication to being eco-friendly that was demonstrated in how they design and deliver their menus. Low food mileage - check. Grass-feed beef - acheck! A commitment to minimise waste - check check check!

First up, we tried some of their cocktails. I was super excited to try their Strawberry Infused Sangria. Although I was slightly disappointed at first by the lack of strawberry flavours, I quickly changed my mind though because the strawberries really came through after I waited a while for the drink to I guess, ‘settle down’. It definitely grew absolutely addicting the more I sip on it - I’m coming back to order a jug of this the next time I’m here!

I also tried my friend’s Spiced Mojito which was also pretty good. Similar to my sangria, I enjoyed the mojito much better once I let it sit for a while. It was a little bit too sweet, but I liked the spices infused in the mojito which added into the uniqueness of this drink. I also tasted hints of sugarcane juice which was definitely interesting!

Next up was our appetiser - the Cauliflower Chips with Smoked Aioli. I don’t like cauliflower that much but when it is deep fried, it’s difficult not to enjoy it! The batter was golden brown and crisp. Even the cauliflower inside had an element of crunchiness which was nice. The seasoning - I tasted hints of peri peri - added into the umami of the whole cauliflower. The accompaniment of the smoked aioli was also enjoyable as it hid some of the distinct cauliflower smell for me.

Our pizzas came next. Can I just say how much I enjoyed the crust of both the pizzas? Both the Capricciosa and Mushroom Pizzas we had was perfectly sauced with a tangy tomato base, cheese - and amazingly, the deliciously thin crust still retained its crispness and crunch. Like I could literally hear the crunch of the pizza as my friend bit into her slice! It was that crisp without being overly dry. The Capricciosa pizza had the staple leg ham and mushrooms which were good - but the star of this pizza was the artichoke tapenade. Oh my goodness. I also need to hype about how good the tapenade was. I initially thought that the yellow paste on the pizza was the best garlic paste I’ve ever tasted. Turns out it was artichoke! It added this element of interest into the pizza that made my mouth water. Absolutely delicious. Overall, the combination of flavours in the pizza went so well together that I even forgot the olives were there! I usually take my olives out of my pizzas, but everything just went well so together I didn’t want to take anything out.

The Mushroom Pizza was also similar to the toppings of the Capricciosa but with the added enoki mushrooms and rocket. I’m usually very picky about rockets in my food; be it salads or merely pizza toppers. But once again, Small Print does not failure to deliver an excellent balance of flavours in their Mushroom Pizza. The gentle bitterness and fragrance of the rocket actually added to the depth of mushrooms and the truffle oil within the pizza. Paired off with the tomato paste and cheese - this pizza is officially on my top 5 vegetarian pizza list.

Overall, we both really enjoyed our experience eating at Small Print. They have rocked the flavour combinations of everything we had and their cocktails were seriously (dangerously!) addictive. To top it all off, I definitely appreciate their commitment to the environment and how they’ve applied it in their menu. If they opened up a branch near where I live, I would definitely be a regular!

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Small Print Pizza
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