Regnier Cakes (Invited)

Friday, August 18, 2017 Sharon Halim 2 Comments

Regnier cakes is specialize in making wedding cakes. However, they also opened a little dessert bar located in Cheltenham VIC, 15 minutes away from the Cheltenham station. The shop is pastel-coloured, bright, cozy, and simple. It has big window which brings lots of daylight into the place.

Besides the indoor seating area, they also have some outdoor space for those who’d like to enjoy the weather. For decoration inside, they put some wedding cakes designs on wall shelves that also act as showcase. Besides wedding cakes, they also offer custom cakes designs for party and events as well. There is a long counter where they put all the sliced cakes for sale, register and coffee machine. And behind the counter is the kitchen where the cakes were made. There were total of 3-4 staffs at the place when we visited, and they were friendly.

When we arrived we were welcomed by Melina and served some of their popular scones and signature blooming tea. We got to taste four flavours of their scones, including Lemon & Butter, Raspberry jam, Strawberry jam, and Cheese & Chives. The scones were rather dry and crispy, but combined nicely with the jams. Our favourite was the Lemon & Butter as it tasted fresh, with great combination of sweet and sour. The blooming teas are also their specialty. We tried the white tea, lavender & rosetta and also the camellia & mango green tea. Just like the name, the tea is basically wrapped as dry flower that will bloom once it is put inside the water. So when we put it in the clear pot, we could see the whole blooming process and it was so pretty. It definitely enhanced the tea-drinking experience. The tastes of the tea were fine, and we could ask for refill for more water for the tea.

This place is definitely recommended for people who want to order custom designed cakes for party or event. For the dessert bar, they offer lower range of dessert choices compared to cafes around Melbourne. Their specialty is absolutely the blooming tea, but they also sell jams and coffees aside. Overall experience was okay and we rate 3 out of 5 stars for Regnier Cakes.


Regnier Cakes
162 Weatherall Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192



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