Pedro Espresso (Invited)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pedro Espresso is part of Brewsville group which means it's related to Hard Pressed, Small Print Pizza Bar, Saint James and many more cafe in Melbourne and Brooklyn, NY. They are open 7 days starting the beginning of this year making it the youngest of the family.

Charming, greenery-filled cafe located on St Kilda Road serving a nice variety of brunch items. Service was prompt and attentive, and Ben, the manager who served me was super friendly.

I started off with a Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee - one of my hands down favourite type of coffee drinks. Although I don't think any cafe could beat Mr and Mrs Anderson's take on Viet coffee, Pedro certainly did well. The coffee wasn't as intense as I would've liked it, but their coffee brew was great and the bitterness of the coffee balanced the creamy sweetness of the condensed milk.

Next up were the corn fritters. A common pitfall for brunch fritters in my opinion is their tendency to be on the burnt side. Pedro steered clear of overfrying their fritters so that's great! I would've liked more seasoning from the fritters as it was quite plain, but the beef brisket I ordered gave it some much needed saltiness. The smoked cauliflower puree at the bottom was absolute gold. As someone who gave up on making cauliflowers taste good, I praise the chef who made this puree so good. It is smokey, creamy and surprisingly rich in flavour. The contrast from the small dollops of what I think was a chipotle relish also added a nice touch of acidity to cut the creaminess of the puree. I would definitely recommend getting bacon, or in my case, the brisket, just to add saltiness into the dish.

I ordered the pancakes as the sweet end to my brunch. I'm not usually a big fan of banana-based desserts, but the caramelised bananas in this dish added a depth of freshness that I enjoyed under the thickness of the maple syrup. I personally would've liked a tarter, perhaps ice cream version of the raspberry cream because it would've added a nice contrast of coldness and acidity into the whole thing. The pancakes were the thin and golden brown, perfectly cooked and super fluffy. Just the way I like it because I get sick of sweet things easily. The added cacao nibs added a nice crunch which was unexpected because I associate cacao nibs for healthy smoothies.

I definitely enjoyed the ambience and service at Pedro. I would probably come back to try more of their items! They also have a wide spaces, nice for a large group of people, functions or families with kids and prams.

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Pedro Espresso
+6139521 4538
608 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004
Mon- Fri:7am - 4pm 
Sat-Sun:8am - 2pm