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Friday, August 11, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Faraday's Cage is bakery and cafe, they pride them self in baking everything from their sourdough to pastries on site using traditional techniques. Owned by John Petrou and Kim, both are excellent passionate bakers.  Located in Fitztoy, that has tight competition for cafรจ, Faraday's Cage have its own speciality, well known for their home made patisserie. The cafe has two entry; Gore St and Chapel St. For family with prams I suggest Chapel St entrance since Gore St has stairs upon entering.

The cafe mainly has plenty of seatings for two and only several for four and above, divided into two space; indoor with open kitchen, high ceilings, hanging lights and charming semi outdoor courtyard at the back. Perfect for pets and it's also equiped with heaters. This review contain two of my visits to Faraday's Cage, at first I was invited and then allowed to order two dish with a couple of of their pastries and the chef give us another two dish. Even then, I already think they are very generous since many of the cafe limits blogger to one dish each these days and even complain if we order three for two people. But Faraday's Cage really understand that more product means more advertising of their product on our web and Instagram. More of our readers and followers get information and seen more pictures. The next day after my first visit, Kim asked me how did I go and I said I love their patisserie and I'm coming back next week to buy more of them and also wanted to try their croque monsieur since it's one of my mom favourite dish. To my amazement, she gave the croque monsieur for free and the chef gave us another dish to try on the day. I was overwhelm by their warm hospitality.

It's suiting that we start with their wonderful variety choices of tempting patisserie and it was really hard to decide which one to order. On my fist visit, I finally got to try their chef speciality; danish, cronut, and croissant with a cup of hot chocolate and mocha. Oh, and I love them. Judging by the appearance, they are tempting and well presented. As expected, the caramel cronut is delicious. My partner who doesn't like caramel love it so much. The sweetness is just precise and it is not too crunchy yet not too soft. This is my new favorite cronut in town.On my second visit I wanted to buy the cronut for my husband since he loves any kind of donut but sadly, something happen to them that day and no cronut. But I settled for their apple, cherry, strawberry danish, ham & cheese croissant and brownies. And seriously, I would not hesitate to come back and buy some more. Well made, crispy outer layer with warm inside and not overly sweet toppings. 

Hot Smoked Salmon and Fritters - house hot smoked salmon, sweet potato, corn, quinoa fritters, eggplant, tomato relish, piached egg, kale salt ($19.5). This is my main highlight of the day. The corn and quinoa fritters are crunchy on the outside yet soft inside which remind me to Indonesian dish called "bakwan jagung". The smoked salmon is tasty yet not too salty. All of the part in this dish are compliment for each other.

Eggs Benny - 12 hour pulled pork shoulder, poached eggs, pickled chilli, chipotle hollandaise, bacon crumb, sourdough toast ($18). Their pulled pork is the best! Many times I got dry pulled pork whenever it comes to eggs benny, however, they pulled pork is juicy that make the dish adorable. They use chipotle hollandaise which make it tasteful but not too strong.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs - scrambled eggs, chilli, Persian feta, sourdough ($15.50).  The egg is really soft. The shallot bring a combination between soft and crunchy. The dish find its harmony with the smells of coriander and right amount of the Persian feta.

Ricotta Pancakes - caramelised white chocolate, broken meringue, passionfruit, maple syrup, dehydrated strawberry, lemon balm, mascarpone, berries ($17). If you are a big fan of maple syrup, this will be your best sweet dish ever. It contains watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry which bring the freshness. The mascarpone is a good companion for the cakes, it taste the best when you eat all of the component together. This sweet dish is quite unique, it is contrast yet compliment.

Croque Monsieur - gruyere cheese, smoked ham, bechamel sauce, toasted sourdough sandwich, dill pickles, mustard ($16.5). Comes in a generous portions with melting cheese on top and to it's side. Crunchy bread crust with soft inside with salty ham, super smooth creamy sauce and melting cheese. On the side, they served us delicious mustard and pickles to break through the richness.

The Mushroom - sautรฉed mushrooms, house baked brioche, fresh herbs, smoked mozzarella, hazelnut crumb, crispy poached egg, pumpkin puree, truffle oil ($18). My favourite meal of my second visit. I don't normally order a vegetarian dish and I'm not a big fan of them since I love my meat so much. But I love everything about this dish, well cooked mushrooms, cheesy mozzarella, creamy pumpkin puree and aromatic generous truffle oil.

 If it's not obvious, I absolutely thrilled by my visit to Faraday's Cage. The portions are generous and the price is relatively cheap, all under $20 which is not that common anymore for brunch dishes. I would definitely come back for their patisserie and that delicious aromatic mushroom dish and I bet my mom would love to come with me and order their croque monsieur again.

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Faraday's Cage
+6138589 1568
325/329 Gore St
Fitzroy VIC 3065

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