Chaihana (Invited)

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Chaihana is cafe specialising in unique breakfast and lunch dishes with arguably the most authentic Sri Lankan food in Melbourne. Located in Abbotsford, perfectly reachable by public transport or private vehicles. Owned by a friendly couple who provides top notch service.

I have read good things about this place and even when I was taking photos of the restaurant exterior, a lady stopped me to rave about how amazing everything on the menu was. So I was really excited to try Chaihana!

We ordered some things off the menu based on the owner's, Sancho, recommendations and the food came really quick. We couldn't order the manti's (dumplings) though as the specialty chef who made these hasn't come in yet! That just goes to show how authentic this place is.

We first tried the Hot Chicken Curry that came with generous serves of rice, veggies, lentil dahl and what I think is pumpkin curry. Our dishes came so quickly we were surprised! The rice was slightly on the dry side (but not too dry) which made it perfect to scoop up some curry with. The chicken was the champion of the whole dish though. I've tasted a fair bit of chicken curries before, and a lot of curries with either super dry chicken, or ones where the chicken have completely disintegrated. This one though, was completely fall-off-the-bone succulent. Not only had the chicken absorbed all the flavoursome goodness of the curry, it had an additional element of almost smokey savouriness to it. They may have fried the chicken first - I'm not sure but I'm on the verge of drooling right now just thinking about them chickens! Carlos also added a side of beef samosas which was pretty good with everything else on the plate.

Next up, I tried my friend's Breakfast Hopper which was essentially this thin bowl-shaped crepe with an oozy egg in the middle. It again, came with some lentil dahl but with an added meat jerky mix that was sweet. While I liked the whole combination, I just thought that the hopper could be a little bit more crisp and a little less sweet.
But, the slightly sweet hopper batter went really well with the Banana Hopper. Inside this hopper were some nuts, bananas and goji berries that's just a healthy brunch option. It was sweet and with the added crunch of the nuts, it is a great light brekkie option for those of you wanting something that's not too heavy or adventurous.

We also tried the Honey Cake which was quite interesting. This Honey Cake is a traditional Russian dessert that Sancho's wife had prepared for us. Super thinly layered in different coloured honey cream, the dessert reminded me of a thicker version of the Millefeuille. Whilst the cream was too sweet for both of us, it had this distinct creaminess that prevented us from stopping.

Overall, I would hands down recommend this place for people looking for a quick and healthy brunch option. With a selection to please both the strictest vegan and meat eaters, Chaihana makes up excellent generous serves of curry at a highly reasonable price.

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