Brighton Soul (Invited)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Brighton Soul is a relatively new cafe located in the ever busy Church St. Quickly it has become one of the most popular cafe in the area, even on weekdays they are busy from early in the morning and through out lunch time. The service is train for a fast service to maintain customer satisfaction.

I went in on a weekdays morning and they were really busy but the food keeps coming. Amazingly, their staff were almost all friendly despite their crazy morning. We only experience one male staff that's not so friendly because I asked a takeaway glass for my mega shakes. 

Which come to my drinks order: coffee, Going Green - kale, spinach, avocado, granny smith, mango, flaxmeal, dates, spirulina, coconut water ($9.5) and Mega Shakes Nutella & Oreo - double ice cream, persian fairy floss, dark chocolate sauce, m&m, more ($12). Love all of it, coffee were good in consistency and taste, the green juice was addictive and it's coming from a non green juice lovers so that say much and the shakes was the better shakes I tasted in Melbourne. Not watery, not overly sweet and comes in a nice amount of toppings but not overload.

Superfood Granola - pandan vanilla bean panna cotta, mango coulis, chia seeds, fresh berries, roasted nuts, almond milk co ($19). The panna cotta comes in a big size, bigger than most cafe I visited. If it comes a bit more colder it will taste better but generally the texture was top notch and the pandan scent clearly prominent in the dish. But It would like more fresh fruit in the dish rather than abundant granola.

Waffles - vanilla mascarpone, lime fluid, fairy floss, nutella, pistachios, fresh passionfruit, berries ($18). Matcha green waffles, insta worthy and appetising. We love the the fresh lime fluid but the waffles it self comes cold, I think it would be much better if it comes warm so the dough will become much softer and fluffier.

Deconstructed Sushi - sesame crusted, seared yellow fin tuna, forbidden black rice, avocado, yuzu mousse, pickled ginger, fresh carrot, cucumber soy reduction, nori, wasabi vinaigrette ($22). At first, I wanted to order their pork belly but sadly they don't have it that day so I change it to sushi. Perfectly cooked tuna, uniquely cooked and seasoned black rice, love the avocado yuzu mousse, I could eat this all day.

Pork, Ginger & Chive Dumplings - kimchi, baked Japanese omelette, greens, candied ginger, chilli oil, soy reduction, fried shallots ($21). This is a new dish so we have to try them and not many brunch cafe served dumplings. The result is we love them. Perfectly cooked dumplings even though the skin was slightly too thick but the fillings was tender and flavourful. I would like the kimchi to taste a lil more spicy but the chilli oil is the perfect matched with the dumplings as well as the fried shallots.

All of their dish comes in a colourful and fantastic presentation which we all love for instagram worthy pictures. The cafe it self has four seperate room; outdoor in front of the cafe, two seperate indoor seatings and a courtyard. Even though they have plenty of seatings but it's not suitable for a big group of people since most of their seatings is 2-4 and 6. I would love to come back to try their matcha brulee, matcha pancake and pork belly. As well as their green and black bun burgers. Yum!

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Brighton Soul
+6139592 8305
129 Church St
Brighton VIC 3186