Bhang (Invited)

Friday, August 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

In any other city in the world, if a friend brings you to some dark street in the middle of the night for what supposed to be “good food”, the smart thing is to run away, you’re about to get mugged. But If you have been in Melbourne long enough, the more hidden the place is, the better it will be. And Bhang follows this rule.

It's slightly difficult to find Bhang at night. Enter the minimally-lit street and you can find near a sign that says 'Simple'. We were expecting it to be quiet inside based on the empty streets but apparently the whole neighbourhood's congregated here! The restaurant was packed! The menu has a very Rice Paper Scissors style to it with its menu designed for sharing.

We got the Hum Tum and the Dajeerling Limited. The Hum Tum had a mix of rambutan, passionfruit and citrus. So delicious! It was fruity and the subtle warmth and sting of the alcohol was just the right amount. The Dajeerling Limited wasn't my favourite because it had a lot of your spicy chai flavours. Also, literally spicy with chili vodka and actual chilies in the drink!

Paneer Salad. A refreshing start to our dinner. I originally thought there was no seasoning but beneath the baby spinach, was this green spice paste mixed in with thin cuts of mango. So fresh and good.

Chickcen Frankee. Sort of like an Indian-style burrito with one of the best, smokiest tandoori chicken I've had in a while. The pita was of course, fantastically cooked! The addition of the coriander and cherry tomatoes also added a nice freshness to the wrap!

Garlic Naan. This Garlic Naan was just divine. Like I'm okay with naan, and I eat it alongside my curries but this one was so good I can eat it on its own! It really is that good. It's slightly greasy but my goodness did the garlic bits add a lot of flavour to the whole naan. I'm torn between eating it on its own and mopping the curry up with these. I just had a workout earlier on so I was telling my partner to please-just-take-it-away-from-me because I couldn't help but to tuck in more to it.

Keralan Curry (vegetarian). I never say this and I probably never will say it again but the broccolis in this curry really enhanced the flavour of the curry. Broccoli isn't my most favourite vegetables. I eat it because it's been ordered or cooked for me - but I never intentionally cook or order it!

Prawn curry. The flavour of this curry really reminded me of a similar Indonesian curry called Ayam Kuning, directly translated its 'Yellow Chicken'. Absolutely loved how well cooked the shrimp was. Never had shrimp in curry so it was definitely an interesting pairing.

Poached Pear with Halwa and Masala Ice Cream. I loved the texture of the Halwa with its desiccated coconut and gentle sweetness! Although the pear was a little plain, mixed with the halwa it made it perfect. I wasn't a big fan of the masala ice cream because I don't like chai. But everything else was great.

Bhang comes from the team that bring us the awesome Thom Phat, clearly delivers again! I, my self loves Thom Phat so much and it still excites me every time I have a chance to visit them and now there's another restaurant packed full of flavour.

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