Aoki Japanese Kitchen (Invited)

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Aoki Japanese Kitchen is a casual dining restaurant serving from fresh sushi, sashimi to wonderful fusion Japanese hot dishes. They have plenty of varieties to fit in to everyone preferences. The interior is decorated with minimalistic theme with purple hues with an option of booth, table and communal seating table.

We arrived at Aoki in the middle of the insane wind and rain combo that poured out of nowhere in Glen Waverley. Thank goodness the place was so close to the station! Luckily, the restaurant was cozy, warm and inviting.

We started off with some cocktails which were super pretty. I got the Yuzu Cocktail that had gin, tonic and yuzu. The salted rim complimented wonderfully with the acidity and slight bitterness of the yuzu juice. It's like the better version of a tequila shot without the after burn! Someone in our table got the wrong cocktail so she offered it to me. So grateful I managed to try this cocktail! The Aoki Cocktail had yuzu, watermelon, pineapple and gin. It was beautifully presented in a martini glass topped with some fairy floss. Although I still preferred my yuzu cocktail from before, this one was still pretty good - sweet with just a hint of smooth gin.

We then were served some fries with truffle. It's truffle season so truffles were a recurring theme for tonight! The chips were crisp and was packed with the scent of truffle. There were actual truffle shavings which really impressed me!

Next up were the assortment of appetisers served in a cute Japanese partitioned bento box. I managed to try the quail which was unfortunately overcooked. The tuna tartare had a great dressing over it but the it was quite fishy. The wagyu was definitely my favourite as it was really smoky. The meatballs were also really tender and although it didn't really taste japanese, I enjoyed the seasonings.

We were then served some sushi. I first tried the tempura salmon roll which was deep dried in tempura batter. This was definitely my favourite out of the sushis for the night. It was still warm and the tempura batter was really fragrant. The salmon cream cheese roll also had tempura bits in it but the tempura bits tasted quite 'old', like it's been there for a while. Out of the special sushi platter, I managed to try the scallop roll that had avocado inside. The scallops were really fresh although I'm not sure the avocadoes went well with it.

The happy owner also got us to try his favourite sake - the Dassai 50! He was so  proudly cute and excited for all of us to try it, I reluctantly had a sip because I don't normally like sake or shoju. Wow was I blown away. This sake went wonderfully smooth against my palate with just the gentlest sting of alcohol! None of that burning sensation! My taste buds are officially ruined for cheap alcohol now...the sake was just that good.

Next up were the Japanese KFC. I would've loved a little more seasoning from the chicken but the delightful truffle mayo made up for it! The Kaki Fry were also cooked pretty well.

The truffle chawanmushi came covered with a lid and once you popped it open, a delightful aroma of truffle wafts through. Such a delight! I loved the warmth of it all and the dashi stock for the chawanmushi was so addictive. The added cubed peppers, in my opinion, was unnecessary as it took away the flavours of the dashi and truffle.

Just when we all thought our desserts was coming, our host said our MAINS will be coming. We were all really full at this point so  it was lucky that the mains were to share! First up, I tried the Slow Cooked Ox Cheek Miso Rendang! With miso! I couldn't actually taste the miso, but I think it definitely enhanced the overall 'umami' flavours of the rendang. Bonus points for how fall of the bone tender the beef were! The Truffle Honey Porterhouse Steak with Wafu Sauce was also cooked perfectly at medium rare. Yum. I couldn't really taste the truffle but the wafu sauce was excellent! The Blueberry Duck with Soba and Bonito Broth was also pretty good. The addition of blueberry surprisingly went really well with the tender duck.

Finally our desserts came. The Chiboust Sakura with its tart base had a very interesting taste. The traditional sweetness of the tart was accompanied by the floral notes of the sakura. There were a lot of cakes in the Desert Platter and I was too full to try everything. The earl grey is definitely one of my faves as it wasn't too sweet! The mango cake had a smoky bitter taste to it; it wasn't too intense but I don't really like it with the mango flavours. The churros with the matcha white chocolate sauce was super crisp! The matcha sauce was just the way I like it - sweet with intense matcha flavours! Yum.

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Aoki Japanese Kitchen
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