Two Buns Burger Bar (Invited)

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Two Buns Burger Bar has been opened at the bustling and vibrant Bridge Rd. Their menu has a wide variety of selections, starting with the regular beef patties to lamb, chicken, soft shell crab, kangaroo and beetroot for a vegetarian option. They also happy to customise the burger of your dream if you prefer.

I decided to come earlier than the appointment time, thinking that earlier hour would be nicer and quieter but apparently I'm wrong. They are busier to opening time, I feel bad for Michael, the venue manager cause he was all alone with only one staff at the kitchen. He suppose to have another two staff with him but they did not show up to their shift that day. He ended up have to take care of 
everything. The restaurant it self is spacious with wood theme and multiple seatings. Perfect for large group of people, family with kids and functions. I started my self with Iced Coffee ($6.5), unlike many watery iced coffee, this one was creamy and leaning a lil bit more to milkshake without over shadowing the coffee flavour which I love.

I decided to follow Michael recommendations and this is what we ordered, starting with Smoked Brisket - ranch, smoked brisket, BBQ sauce, swiss cheese, spiced slaw, lettuce ($16). Our first smoked brisket was lacking the spiced slaw, I honestly did not noticed because it was delicious anyway until Michael mention it and he decided to make a new one for us so we can taste the real flavour and yes it was even better. The brisket takes a lot of time and technique to make and yes, it shown in all the deep flavour mixed in with their home made sauce, simply delicious. O, and the bun is develop by Michael recipes with perfect sweetness and fluffy texture.

Move on to Soft Shell Crab - black bun, soft shell crab, tomato, kimchi, coriander, chipotle ($16). My favourite out of three, one of the best soft shell crab burger ever. When Michael told me, he previously worked at Hammer & Tong and Mammoth when it first opened, I know why I like the soft shell crab burger so much. Super crunchy soft shell crab, another nicely done black bun and delicious chipotle. The only thing I wanted more is the soft shell crab and more kimchi.

Macaroni - beef pattie, macaroni pattie, bacon jam, swiss cheddar cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, truffle mayo ($16.5). This was the least of my favourite, not that it's not good, I just like the other two better. Tender, juicy beef patty, delicious truffle mayo and another successful bun. The macaroni pattie was a lil bit dry, I would like it more of "melt in your mouth moment" and more of the bacon jam.

Shoestring fries (4) with Guacamole ($1.5ea) and Truffle Mayo ($2). Love the fries, perfectly cut, fried and seasoned. Seriously, could not stop eating it with the truffle mayo. Michael also let us taste his cashew cheese, cucumber ketchup and jalapeno mayo. He is seriously a talented guy cause we like the creamy cashew cheese also contain carrot in it, super fresh cucumber ketchup that I think could be develop into many other interesting dishes and of course the spicy jalapeno mayo, what's not to like?

The last but certainly not the least; Choc Fondant ($10). Beautifully presented, way too beautiful for a burger place but that's how they stand out. Michael really take his time making all the decoration, with raspberry, blueberry, honeycomb, raspberry gel and passionfruit gel. This dish is worthy for fine dining restaurant. The chocolate oozing out perfectly and of course it taste delicious with the toppings.

Michael has been a great and friendly host, despites of the crisis he face that day. He also offer us to come again but a better experience which I will come with my husband, since he loves a good burger. Also Michael promise me he would personally make me the panna cotta, he has been developing. I was really impressed by his work ethic, experience and perfectionism.


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Two Buns Burger Bar

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Sun-Thurs: 11.30am-9pm
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