The Younger Brother (Invited)

Thursday, July 27, 2017 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

I've never been to Ringwood and boy was the suburb absolutely deserted on this Sunday morning. There were literally no sound coming from anywhere on their main street besides the tooting of the train.

Enter The Younger Brother, and it's jam packed. I guess all of the neighbourhood's decided to pay the cafe a visit! What a contrast to the deserted main street! It definitely mean something substantial. It excites me.

After a great start with our smooth lattes, I tried the Cilbir Eggs which was essentially poached eggs in a yoghurt sauce that came with slices of Turkish bread. I thought the yoghurt sauce was weird at first as I wasn't used to having eggs with sour yoghurt. There was also an additional pickle-like flavour that I can't identify. But when mixed in with the perfect, oozy yolk and the susuk (Turkish sausages that taste like Chorizo), the yoghurt didn't bother me anymore. The Turkish bread slices were springy, soft with a mild crunch from the crust - perfect for mopping up the eggs. I appreciated how they used soft Turkish bread rather than brunch go-to of sourdough!

Next up, I sampled some of my friend's Dukkah Baked Eggs which I definitely enjoyed more than my pick of cilbir eggs. Baked in a rich tomato sauce, I enjoyed the strong cumin flavours of the egg. The eggs too, were still gooey on the inside! It didn't hurt that the dish was accompanied by crisp potato gems either. So delish.

Finally, we got the Buttermilk and Poppy Seed Pancake. Texture-wise, I felt that the pancake was a little too dense but the crispy bottom of the pancake added a nice crisp contrast to the overall dish. The honeycomb cream and maple syrup were both nice touches but I wished that there were some other elements to juxtapose the sweetness and softness of everything.

Overall, we both enjoyed all the dishes we sampled! I liked the cozy-minimalistic ambience of the restaurant and the warm service. The Turkish influences and touches was apparent in our food and I would come back to try some of their other options when I'm in the area.

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The Younger Brother
+6138822 3260
6 Railway Ave
Ringwood East VIC 3135

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