Rubicon (Invited)

Saturday, July 08, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

A few minutes walk away from Essendon station, Rubicon is tucked in a pretty quiet and dark street when we arrived. They’ve recently launched a new menu so we were lucky to sample some new things they’ve got in store.

First up, we were brought two massive platters of varying appetizers. We were brought olives, sun-dried tomatoes, baby octopus and a range of cold meats. They all tasted pretty standard and nothing really stood out. But the highlight of the appetizers were definitely the crunchy, battered halloumi. Being a massive fan of halloumi, these halloumi fingers were really crisp on the outside, and maintained a balance between hard and gooey on the inside. So good! I wish I could recreate this at home.

Next up, we were served our mains. I first tried the Young Goat in Napoli Sauce that was highly recommended by our host. The napoli sauce as very rich-bodied flavoursome and was a pretty good tomato based sauce. The goat itself, was pretty hard to chew which was surprising as it was cooked for 12 hours. Some people in our table got the more ‘tender’ pieces of meat so I guess the goat wasn’t cooked that evenly.

We were also served another tomato sauce based dish - the Herb Crusted Barramundi. The fish was served on a bed of mash and I enjoyed this one better. The outer crust of the fish was crisp which was just the way I wanted it. The sauce was a slightly spicier version of the sauce for the first dish and it was just as tasty.

Next, I sampled the pizzas. First up, I tried the pulled beef pizza and unlike the young goat, the meat was quite tender. The crusts for both of the pizza were good - crisp, light and not too thin. The sauces for both the pizzas was also another tomato-based one. Strangely enough, the pulled beef pizza sauce was good whilst the one for the marinara pizza was dry and not as flavoursome.

The Mexican Parmigiana was definitely the star of my meal. I was surprised by how much the sauce really tasted of nachos. I didn’t realise that there were actual nacho bits on the top layer of the parmigiana so that’s probably why I was so surprised. They really nailed the combination between Italian tomato sauce and the cumin-sprinkled Mexican tomato salsa. The chicken was tender and the gooey cheese just tied the whole dish together.

Lastly, we were given a board of four desserts to share. I first tried the Death by Chocolate cake which was essentially two sponge cakes sandwiched in between chocolate cream. The chocolatey cream was just the right texture. The sponge was really moist and just oozing with chocolatey goodness. I didn’t like dates but the Sticky Date Pudding was equally moist. This makes the tiramisu strange in comparison. Whilst the Death by Chocolate and Sticky Date Pudding sponge were moist, the tiramisu was unfortunately quite dry to the point where the sponge cake felt gritty in my tongue. The cream was just alright, but I wish they put more mascarpone in it to add a layer creaminess.

I rarely say this when I review desserts, but the panacotta I tried was in dire need of sugar. Not being the biggest fan of super sweet desserts, that’s saying something. The texture of the panacotta was very smooth but the dish itself just didn’t taste of anything. There were beautiful specks of vanilla seeds but I couldn’t taste any sort of distinct flavour besides a barely-there sweetness.

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