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Monday, July 17, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dan was an engineer who put his whole career on hold to pursue his foodie dream. To open a place in the heart of Melbourne that allows people to try and share an Alsace food specialty - the Tarte Flambe. Bobo has a wide variety of both traditional and modern takes of the humble Tarte Flambe.

We started off with some canapes that were inspired from the main menu. I first tried the crackers with goat's cheese and apricot and was surprised by how good it tasted. I don't usually like the pungent aftertaste of goat's cheese but the apricot jam did well to mellow it out. The Cheese stick with bacon and rocket puree was my favourite. It had this lovely balance of satiness and sweetness, and the added rocket puree added an interesting depth of fragrant bitterness. The duck liver parfait with pickled onion was almost as good. Super decadent and savoury, I liked the sweetness from the pickled onion.

Traditionnelle All-Cibo - Bacon, garlic confit, chive, Emmental cheese & onion. I think this may be my favourite tarte. Super thin, the emmenta cheese was slightly sweet and I love the classic combination of garlic and bacon into the mix.

A La Peche- Salmon, dried raisin, almond nougatine, lemon. While it felt strange to see salmon not smoked on pizza, the oven 'baked' salmon was still pretty good. Overall the tarte was quite plain in taste and I would've like some sort of creaminess to the tarte.

La Belle Vie-Blue cheese, vanilla poached pear and rocket salad. I usually hate the afterburn of blue cheese. So I was really hesitant to try this slice. But in the name of openmindedness to food, I gave it a go and I did not regret it. The pungent afterburn of the blue cheese was absolutely gone! I was so shocked, my dining partner was equally shocked as he knew how much I hated blue cheese. Bite after bite I dreaded for the eventual burn of the cheese but it never arrived. Instead, the subtle pungent smell of the cheese blended so well with the sweet pears that I did not mind the blue cheese at all. This tarte flambe was just so perfectly balanced in flavours.

La Fermiere. Again, I don't particularly enjoy goats cheese because of its aftertaste. But after the pleasant blue cheese experience in the previous slice, I was willing to give it ago. Whilst this slice was definitely more obvious in goat cheese flavour and scent, it still wasn't bad enough to make me give it up completely. Once again, they cleverly paired up the cheese with some prunes and herbs which just balanced both the flavours and the scents well!

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Resto BoBo
110 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181
Wed-Sun: 5.30-late