New Shanghai (Revisited-Invited)

Sunday, July 16, 2017 Sharon Halim 2 Comments

New Shanghai is my husband favourite place at Chadstone. He first fell in love with New Shanghai back in Sydney then it continues in Melbourne. When I got invited to the restaurant, he was so excited and gladly accompany me to dinner.

We were seated on the sofa close to the glass wall, we were given plenty of space, perfect for strollers. We ordered some drinks to start with, I was pretty amaze by their extensive drink list that suits for everyone preferences.

Chilled Jellyfish - shredded turnips ($9.9) and Crab meat & Sweet Corn soup ($9.4). Nicely cut and chilled jellyfish but I would like the jelly fish on it's own rather than with turnips. I think it would be much enjoyable on it's own. The soup was nicely seasoned but the crab meat has a slight fishy flavour.

Xia Long Bao - steamed pork dumplings ($9.9/8pcs) and Pan Fried Crab meat & Pork Buns ($18/8pcs). One of my favourite dish at New Shanghai is their pan fried buns since they have crisp bottom, fluffy upper layer, broth inside and super tender meat inside. Definitely, one of the must order at New Shanghai. They also serve decent xia long bao.

Wok Fried King Prawn - salted egg yolk, Sweet & Sour Crispy Whole Barramundi - mixed vegetables, pine nuts ($34.8) and XO sauce Fried Rice ($15.2). Out of the three dishes, whole barramundi is clearly the winner. Starting from the interesting appearance, thick delicious sweet sour sauce, crispy skin and perfectly cooked fish. Yum! Then the prawn comes second, I would like the egg yolk to be a lil saltier and richer. I was pretty disappointed with the xo fried rice cause it taste and look more like Indonesian fried rice.

Special menu; Stir Fried Sliced Beef - garlic chilli soy sauce ($22) and Shanghai Silken Tofu - century egg ($8.8). The sauce on the beef dish was delicious, so is the garlic on top but I prefer a different kind of noodle on the bottom as well as a different kind of cut maybe slightly ticker beef so it would not dried up so fast. In contrary, I really really enjoyed the cold silken tofu, the sauce was delicious and perfectly matched with the super soft tofu and finely chopped century egg.

Shaved Ice Dessert - Strawberry ($14). I was disappointed with this dessert because I was expecting shaved ice cream but turns out it's just shaved ice with syrup and some soaked sweet strawberry. It does come in a large portion, perfect for 3-4 people.

New Shanghai remain my favourite place to eat Chinese food at Chadstone, especially with kids, family and big groups of people. It has a wide seating area, serves good generous food with reasonable prices. What more do you want?

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New Shanghai
8 Chapman St
Malvern East, VIC 3145


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