Misty Diner (Invited)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Misty's Diner has all the makings of your Southern diner with its jukeboxes and 70s style decor. Its garish hot pink paint contrasted with the white walls giving it a very neon appearance. Whilst the overall interiors felt a little jumbled, the place does give off a warm atmosphere.

I first tried the cheese croquettes. The texture was good - crunchy on the outside whilst retaining some gooeiness on the inside. The flavours were a little plain though - I would've like stronger cheese flavours from the filling. Whilst the croquettes were lacking in taste, the ribs definitely won on flavour. I only managed to get a few bites out of the ribs as there wasn't enough for all of us, but the bits that I did get were juicy and tender. The marinade really seeped into the ribs making it very enjoyable indeed.

Next up is the strangely named Trailer Trash which consisted of battered fried chicken, mash and bread. Unlike the ribs, the chicken lacked seasoning and was slightly on the soggy side. The mash itself was decent enough and was smooth.

The Meat Lover Platter also had bits of chicken and it was a little bit better than the one from the Trailer Trash. Amongst the chicken, the Platter also had meatballs and wedges. While the meatballs looked dry, it was surprisingly still tender although the meat was quite chunky.

The Buffalo Wings Salad was also decent. It came with different sauces and the ribs were good, but nothing special.

The desserts came next. We shared a few slices on the table. I couldn't try them all because there wasn't enough but my favourite would probably be the cherry pie. I loved the very autumn spice taste of the pie, and its warmth was just so good. The pumpkin pie was too spice-heavy for me. The snickers pie was also decent - smooth peanut butter filling and a good pie crust.

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Misty Diner
+6139510 0033
103-105 High Street
Prahran VIC 3181