Dundas & Faussett (Invited)

Sunday, July 30, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dundas & Faussett is a very busy and popular cafe on the corner of Dundas Lane and Fausett Lane in Albert Park Village. It's simply unmissable cause of the crowd, large sign and large outdoor and indoor seating capacity. Even on weekdays, they are packed full of people from morning till they are about to close. In terms of menu, they have a very very large variety, starting from breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and from the wok menu with Modern Australian and Asian choices.

I arrived around 1.30pm on weekdays and they are busy beyond measure. The cafe bustling full of people come and go for take away and dine in, their staff quickly go around back and fort between greeting new customers, taking order and maintaining current customer.

Coffee in a cone - coffee in a chocolate coated ice cream cone ($6), Fresh Orange Juice ($7) and Green Kick - kale, celery, apple, cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger ($8). The coffee in a cone was cute and creative but it leaks pretty fast so drink it straight away.

Tom Yum Soup - chicken or prawn ($14/$16). I thought it's only a soup but turn's out the also put an abundant noodles in it. The taste of the soup was rich, spicy, sweet and sour, met the perfect balance of Thai flavour. I love it. The prawn was big and pretty generous in serving as well. I would like less noodles and more of the mushrooms, vegies and soup.

My mom has an obsession with barramundi these days even though she is very particular about fish. Baked Barramundi Fillet - kipfler potato, poached vegetables, ginger jus, rice ($21.5). The barramundi was soft, perfectly cooked, we did find one long bone in it but the ginger jus was packed full of earthy flavour. Nicely partnered with some mushroom and vegetables. It's certainly a great dish for winter.

Scotch Fillet - mushroom, enoki, broccolini, beer battered chips ($24.5). The steak was perfectly cooked, so tender and soft. I love this dish the most because of the sauce was sweet yet salty in the same time, paired nicely with the meat. Generous serving of mushroom and broccolini. My perfect meaty lunch meal indeed.

All the dishes comes in a very generous size and very reasonable prices as well and on top of that they are all very well seasoned. Dundas & Faussett perfect place for a quick, bustling and alive breakfast or lunch. There's plenty of street parking around the area but most of them is only one hour.

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Dundas Faussett
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