Chiquito & Co (Invited)

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Chiquito is located in the corner of Brunswick Street and Victoria Street. It open till 11PM so it’s a good place to hangout even after your dinner. Either just want to chill with small bites with coffee or have a proper size meal for dinner or even just desserts after your meal - they have it all. They serve coffees from St. Ali as well which is always a good news.
The staff are very friendly and helpful - the overall service was great. The place is spacious and great so you don't need to worry to run out of space. Perfect for large groups of people, family with prams or functions.

We had our sodas from Soda Press Co - organic soda syrups with almost 50% less sugar. Very good news especially for the ladies. We had the old fashioned lemonade and tried the raspberry and mint. Really enjoyed the drinks especially they’re not too sweet. But I must say it a bit pricey soda

What we had that we had:Southern Fried Chicken Wings - served in 3 pcs coated with buttermilk and topped with some thinly sliced pickles. Perfect to eat with the dips - my fave dips would be the Jalapeno Aoili.

Haloumi fries - crispy on the outside and not oily at all. Personally I like to dip this one even to one of the dips - not everyone likes it though. Cheesy popcorn chicken - small bits of fried chicken fried in perfection and topped with cheese. One of my favorite dishes and I also like to take some of the pickles from my chicken wings to balance the cheesiness. Simply like it. Cheesy fries and bacon - best companion for the burger with thinly cut fried bacon sprinkled on top of the cheese and the fries. What can go wrong with this one.

Mexico burger: imagine you have a burrito but in a burger style. Guacamole, tomato and lime salsa, jalapenos they have it all and surprisingly a good combination. Just be careful since there’s much sauces so you kind of expect it will be a tiny bit messy. Then we also had Chargrilled chiquito burger - decided to choose this burger since it is one of its signatures - with peri peri chargrilled chicken fillet. I personally not a big fan of this one since the sauce overpower the taste of the burger - was kind of hoping that I can taste the peri peri sauce more over the mayo.

And of course we have to end our meals with their signature desserts - all using their specialised custard cream. We’re served with their signatures chiqsakes - that’s how they called their specialised custard cream milkshake.

Ferrero Rocher Chiqshake - The name described it all. Their freakshakes topped with heaps of ferrero rocher crumbs and chocolate shake. Sooo goood. This was the star of the night. Not too sweet and overpowering and coming from a vanilla person I truly enjoyed this chocolate hazelnut milkshake. Must try.

Peanut Butter Crunch shake - unlike the Ferrero freakshakes this one looks much more normal and simple - but wait till you have the first sip and bitten the PB crunch. Inside the crunch there’s PB inside. So it’s PB shake with PB crunch with PB sauce in it.

Pav Chiqshakes - Like pavlova this one has its toppings from the meringue, passionfruit, berries and whip with vanilla milkshake. Also we had Time to Pop - vanilla shake topped with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between huge cookies on top and drizzled with chocolate honeycomb. I like the vanilla milkshake but I dont really like the topping since it’s too sweet for my liking. But overall they were nice chiqshakes.

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Chiquito & Co
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