Basilico (Invited)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Basilico is just a neat 4 minutes walk away from the Carnegie station. With bossa nova and jazz tunes, and the dimmed lighting, the place has a very relaxed vibe to it. The large, round pizza oven near the restaurant entrance added into the restaurant's aesthetic. Overall, it feels like a cross between modern casual and homey-family style restaurants.

We begin with the classic cocktail; Cosmopolitan. A simple, traditional cosmo with cranberry and lime juice. The drink's a little on the sweet side but I love sweet cocktails so that's not a problem for me.

We started off with the recommended Napoli meatballs and the sauce was just to die for. It was softer than I expected so it came as a surprise. I didn’t like my first bite. But as I get more attenuated with it, cutting it into smaller bite-size pieces, and bathing it its own sauce, it grows fonder on my palate. The olive oil sprinkled bread perfected the dish. It is the simple components like this that could betray and short cut in the quality of their ingredients, and it betrayed none. The dish was top notch. Whilst the meat was a little too soft for me, the sauce more than made up for it. It was rich and tangy, and I would seriously buy bottles of this sauce if I could. I was happy to get slices of bread alongside the meatballs that I can mop up the sauce with.

Gnocchi with Matriciana Sauce. These gnocchis are probably one of the best gnocchis I've ever tried. The chef's just experimented with a new gluten free base, and it was definitely a success. The gnocchi was silky smooth. I have never tasted a pasta like this before. Who knew that gnocchi can melt in your mouth? My personal downfall of gnocchis is when their overly sticky - this one wasn't sticky at all. It was just these pillowy soft-yet-firm goodness that just went well with the equally good, slightly spicy. The sauce was more flat at the beginning. Then I added a liberal amount of thickly shaved parmesan which they kindly provided. The result was amazing, it brought out the zest and subtle sweetness of the tomato base while enhancing the savoury meat. But I still understand why they put the parmesan on the side, some people might be looking for more Italian and traditional taste. The sauce was Matriciana sauce that had bits of bacon and caramelised onion. Simply delicious.

Basilico Pizza. The pizza looked very promising with the large dome stove, heated with firewood. The result was not too bad. Great pizza base. Thin but not too thin, and tasty on its own. The sauce base and the toppings were equally good - but it just wasn't as good as the gnocchi and meatball sauce base. Overall, it was still a good pizza but it just lacked a little in flavour.

Bruschetta with Buffalo Mozarella and Pesto. I felt like I have room for one more small dish, and the waitress was kind enough to offer some, I asked for her favourite, which has since became my favorite as well, the bruschetta. Remember that perfect bread with olive oil? Now upon that, laid the virginal looking, pure white, buffalo mozzarella, crowned with the pesto of all pesto, jeweled with a hemisphere of cherry tomato. What more can I say? The voyage to discover the elixir of bruschetta has come to an end. Wander no further oh foodies of Melbourne, look, that bruschetta is here, right in Carnegie. I'm very picky when it comes to pesto so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The bread, again was fantastic. You could really tell the high quality of the ingredients that come into this bruschetta. I loved the mild unique cheesiness of the buffalo mozarella, and how it goes perfectly with the  herby pesto and the calorie-tastic bread.

Dessert Pizza. As I was ridiculously stuffed at this point, I couldn't really stomach the pizza that my dining buddy ordered. The pizza was thin, and the chocolate nutella base was pretty good too. But, I just wasn't able to finish much of it.

Overall, left Basilico with a satisfied belly and a smile on my face. There's just something very nurturing and smile-inducing about well done Italian food. Our friendly waitresses made our dining experience very enjoyable indeed.

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+6139571 1888
129 Koornang Rd
Carnegie, VIC 3163
Monday: Closed
Tuesday & Sunday: 4pm-10pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 4pm-10.30pm