Let's Do Yum Cha (Invited)

Sunday, June 04, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Let's Do Yum Cha originated in Sydney, specialise in yum cha catering for corporate, weddings, special events, birthday or cocktail party catering. They pride them self in bringing 30 years experience in the Sydney food service industry and now they arrived in Melbourne, in a form of Food Truck.

I was recently contacted by them to visit their home in front of NGV (St.Kilda Road). They will move to another location in July. To check where they are moving, we can check it on their facebook page. I, my self is a big fan of yum cha. I find them warm and fuzzy on my tummy. Like most food truck, their service have to be fast. Since this is a dimsum food truck, almost everything is ready to be consumed. Just order and you will get your hot steamed dim sum. Only for the fried food, you need to wait for it to be fried (spring rolls or dumplings). They charge 2 for $5/5 for$10, $2 each after 5pcs.

We start Vegetarian Dumpling, Steamed Pork Dumpling, Prawn & Chive Dumpling, Chicken Dim Sim and BBQ Pork Bun.The appearance of the vegetarian dumpling is not like in the picture. It has a rather flat round shape. There not much taste in it. I would say it’s bland. I eat it with their chilli sauce it I came to like it. The chilli sauce is salty rather than spicy. I usually eat the steam pork dumpling with ginger and vinegar. But we don’t have any ginger in this case. But that’s alright. The taste okay and I think they put some bamboo shoot or some sort which gives a little crunchy feeling when you eat it. In terms of the prawn & chive dumpling, they do have a unique flavour, honestly quite good. chicken dim sim or usually called Shumai or Siomay. They can vary in fillings such as fish, seafood, mutton, pork, etc. I like this chicken dimsim. I think its quite good for the price we pay. Thumbs up. The pork bun is pretty good as well. Nothing really special thou.

Then we move on to Vegetarian Spring Roll and Fried Pork Dumpling. I like the crunchiness of the spring roll! This spring roll has a sweet taste in it. The ingredients they use are mainly carrot and cabbage which explain the sweetness flavour. But the fried pork dumpling taste like ordinary pork dumpling. I think the skin is too thick.  

Custard Bun (2 for $10). In terms of appearance, this is bun is the best. It is cute. And when you poke and squeeze it, the custard will flow out of it's mouth. CUTE! This is not a salted egg custard bun the filling has a sweet taste rather than salty. Caution, it will be quite messy when you eat it as the custard is very runny. 

Egg Custard Bun (2 for $5). I prefer this bun better than the custard bun, even though the appearance is just plain white bun. I think the custard bun is a bit too sweet for me. I like the salty taste in the custard to break all of the sweetness.

Lo Mai Kai ($10). This is a steamed sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf wrap. The lotus leaves is used for fragrance. The lotus leaf is addible. But because it has lots of fiber in it, it is difficult to chew. Hence people usually don’t eat it. The ratio between the sticky rice and the chicken is just right. Which you wont feel like eating sticky rice only. 

Everything was great. In terms of price, it is cheaper than those restaurant made dimsum. The taste was not that bad either. But it only has a very limited type of dimsum. If you eat it in cold weather, be sure to eat it quick. As the food will become cold pretty fast. 


Let's Do Yum Cha